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Album Review : Alter Bridge release Walk the Sky 2.0

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Fear not good people, Alter Bridge are here to make the end of this year better.

To help fans with their withdrawal symptoms from live gigs and the joy we feel when we hear our favourite bands belt out those songs we love with more attitude and energy on stage than the recording studio, Alter Bridge have released a new seven track EP titled ‘Walk the Sky 2.0’. 

This EP includes live recordings of ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’ ‘Pay No Mind’, ‘Native Son’, ‘Godspeed’, ‘In The Deep’ and ‘Dying Light’.

If that wasn’t enough, the guys knock it out of the park with a new track called ‘Last Rites’, which they wrote during lockdown.

Alter Bridge are not allergic to hard work and they love to create new sounds, which is why we love them so much. ‘Last Rites’ is one hell of a creation, getting straight into it with a dirty riff and distorted bass.

Myles tells us what the future holds for us or maybe he doesn’t. There are not so subtle hints that the song was written during lockdown, with the words ‘say goodbye to the only way of life you’ve ever known’.

Or perhaps the guys are just as angry and upset as fans are because the world tour had to be cancelled. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. The technical musicianship of ‘Last Rites’ is sheer brilliance, as we have come to expect, which continues to remind us of their astounding collective talent.

With his incredibly distinctive voice, Myles Kennedy doesn’t just appear on a download, his dulcet tones cast a welcome, enchanting spell, that you cannot resist.

For visual satisfaction in case our ears don’t have enough, a new video for ‘Native Son’, has just dropped.

With a whopping five million streams before release, this was an excellent choice and the animated video, which uses stop-animation techniques and incorporating origami, is just fantastic.

It adds depth to the track as well as showing us how to create something brilliant even though they can’t be physically present, socially distancing like the rest of the planet. 

Alter Bridge are sensational on stage and the six live tracks reminds us of what’s to come.

This EP, to my mind, shines a light for fans and reminds us that we will be back in the crowd soon, sweating, singing badly and incredibly happy. To Myles, Mark, Brian and Scott – I have got to say a big fat thank you because your music is a hell of a tonic we need right now and us at Metal Planet Music cannot wait to see you on stage again soon.

All versions of Walk The Sky 2.0 (including exclusives) can be ordered here: https://smarturl.it/WalkTheSky2.0.

Reviewer: Fiona Duignan for MPM

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