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Album Review : FIREKIND – What I Have Already Found Is Lost

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I met a man who said he knew the day I would die’ is the first line sung on ‘Adrenalin’ – the first track on the new record by Devon rockers FIREKIND. It’s a fairly deep lyric that start this fairly deep album.

Believe me this album is layer upon layer of clever lyrical content and as a lyricist myself I was very pleased.

Not only that, and what is intelligent is the attention whether intentional or not) to not be too wordy and conceited with the lyrics but to still have poetic flare that I respect.

The use of repetition in tracks like ‘Cry For Help’ helps it stay with you. Little hooky parts with both vocal and guitar do make it easy to pick up.

Songs like the latest single ‘ If There’s Any Reason’ shows that these guys have a big sound, even in ballads, and they knows how to craft a song that not only have energy but one that also has heart and soul.

Much like Muse they have not let the fact that they only have 3 members hinder them. The tracks are produced so well also and this of course helps massively in getting that arena sound.

The album has some huge contrasts. For me the one I enjoy the most is the mania of the music against the clean, clinical sound of Jas’s voice. I mean this is the best way possible.

Some of the rhythm section work on the album is inspiring, with many parts very intricate, all the more showing their chops. The guitar parts are also extremely tasteful and melodic.

I notice that they have a tendency to lock in with the vocals melody which in turn accentuates the melody line.

The highlight of the album for me is ‘Sound Of Rain’. ‘We love to sleep when it’s pouring down…to the sound of rain’ . Such a beautifully written line let alone when you hear it sang.

A top song that has been added to my personal playlist. Everything in this track screams out to me and its hard not to like.

The deluxe version also has an acoustic version which I like even more. If it’s a good song it translate so well to acoustic.

Raw and vulnerable. Overall, their sound is one of commercial rock with I also hear this progressive rock edge to it which adds that bit more depth to the music.

I look forward to seeing how they perform these tracks live when it’s possible.

A good debut and I look forward to more.

Review by Luke Short for MPM

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