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Album Review : Silvera – Edge of The World

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It’s an undeniable fact that music transcends many boundaries; cultural, language, geographical and so forth.

The latter, in these pandemic dominated days, has become, most understandably, more of a barrier of late but even in these troubled times music crosses nations and seas alike.

Thus, ‘Edge of The World’ the debut long-player from Danish melodic hard-rocking quartet Silvera landed with a tuneful thump in my inbox.

There’s a fine tradition of metal hailing from this kingdom; including the likes of D*A*D, Mercyful Fate, Pretty Maids, Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion) and, latterly, those fine rock n’ rolling metallers Volbeat.

Led by the latter many aspiring rockers like Black Oak County, Lucer, Pectora and Junkyard Drive are emerging. Silvera can be, most confidently, added to this list.

From signaling their collective intent with the initial hammer beats, atop growling guitars, of opening track ‘Alive’ through to the closing atmospheric riffs of ‘Promise’ Silvera are on a mission to deliver.

Contained within are eleven tracks that envelop the listener in a protective shroud ensuring the passage of time is halted for the album’s entirety thereby ensuring complete focus.

Following those heavy intro beats ‘Alive’ bursts forth with a twin six-string assault partnered with a solid as you like rhythm section. A chorus of Herculean strength elevates to enable a smooth transition to solo worthy of the Norse gods.

Following this fine opening track a parallel furrow is ploughed with the following track ‘Something Else’; a stadium-ready rocker, complete with moments of sensitivity. that falls somewhere close to Nickelback.

A gentler perspective is demonstrated in title track ‘Edge of the World’ as Silvera ease the pace a little.

Variance is a good thing as the band spread their wings to soar high with an anthemic chorus, a slick solo and one heck of a hook. These chaps have tapped into the same successful rock n’ roll formula that Those Damn Crows have been successfully exploiting.

The collective foot accelerates hard in the opening pacy riffs of ‘No Air’; riffs that wouldn’t be out of place upon either of The Crows’ two albums. Twenty odd seconds in and the riff abruptly halts.

Plummeting the listener freefalling to the ground before being skillfully plucked to safety by the stunning vocals of frontman Michael Krogh as the track recommences its upwards trajectory.

Raising heart-rates with a thumping rhythm and a chorus that will be in your subconcious before you realise. Quick punchy hooks that deserve a large audience.

Amongst such evenly spread high levels of quality it speaks volumes that there is a stand-out track; in the epic ‘Everything We Are’ Silvera serve up that particular dish.

Krogh’s gravelly vocals are complemented with the crystal-clear vocals of Kobra Paige (of Canadian metallers Kobra and The Lotus) that gives this track a gothic / symphonic tone.

Layered atop a foundation of the duel six-strings of Krogh and Simon Krabbesmark and cemented by a strong, unerring beat provided by bassist Rasmus Lindegård Hovde and drummer Jens Gade this is faultess rock.

The opening riffs of ‘Generation Z’ are redolent of Swedish melodic metal outfit ‘Rexoria’; twin guitars to the fore in a classy metal vein. There’s no doubt of the influence of Volbeat upon the output, especially in ‘Light In Life’ where there’s more than an edge of Michael Poulsen in the vocal department.

The power of Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry continues forth in ‘The Reckoning’ as the beast continues to snarl and growl with aplomb.

Heartfelt rocker ‘Filling The Void’, complete with quirky sing-a-long chorus, has Silvera finding a median in terms of style.

The interjection of power-ballad ‘On My Feet’ allows for a gathering of breath prior to closing number ‘Promise’ with which the band goes out with a sizeable rock n’ roll explosion.

Blending together elements of Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, Nickelback and Volbeat into a powerful maelstrom that snarls and claws at the inner soul whilst, conversely, soothing and caressing simultaneously. 

With chunky, meaty riffs and rhythms to die for coupled with majestically soaring licks all melded together with infectious choruses and hooks this is a slick, mature production that will appeal broadly. 

There’s more than a passing resemblence to high-flying Welsh rockers Those Damn Crows within, there’s a brightly burning light for the future. Silvera by name, ‘platinuma’ by output.

https://targetshop.dk/vare/silvera-ed… www.silvera.dk https://www.facebook.com/silverabandhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/0uE76… www.mightymusic.dk www.targetgroup.dk

Review by Gary Spiller for MPM

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