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Single Review : GIN ANNIE – “DEVIL IN ME”

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Black Country powerhouse hard rockers Gin Annie have come roaring off the 2021 grid with their blisteringly hot new ‘stand alone’ single “Devil In Me”.

This one-off single is being released on the back of their very successful show ‘Locked DOWN & Loaded’: a livestream from one of their favourite venues — KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton —where the band performed their entire debut album, ‘100% Proof’ on 29th December, 2020.

Lyrically, ‘Devil in Me’ explores that powerful point where flirtation becomes seduction: when a connection is made, built on raw desire alone. It’s a moment full of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine: a kick people can get addicted to — or at the very least, most can remember a time when eyes have locked across the room and that instant magnetic attraction has taken hold.

We wanted the music to reflect this,” the band explain, “That’s why this track is something you can actually dance to as opposed to a regular rock track where fist pumps, headbanging and jumping around are the only forms of dance needed. We wanted the music to take you to the very ‘club’ or ‘dance floor’ where this seduction is taking place. We want you to join that dance.”

The track opens with a full on sonic assault from the twin guitars of Byron Garbett and Brian Green, that propel it into hard rock heaven with all the G-force of a F1 car.

The deliciously brilliant rhythm section of Phill Burrows and his new team mate Lewis Turner provide a real chest beating backdrop throughout that allows those guitars to power forward, using every last drop of energy in their engines to create a sound that is so exhilarating it makes you sweat listening to it. When you then add in the silky, polished vocals of David Foster you have a track that is destined for glory.

Fosters’ vocals are effortless, classy and allow “Devil In Me” to glide through it’s 3 ½ minutes, with all its twists and turns, in a debonair style that shows clearly Gin Annie are not here to make up the numbers but are going to be battling as a championship winning team.

Devil In Me” really is a classy slab of fast moving, hard edged, guitar driven hard rock that should have you licking your lips and screaming out in anticipation of more new music from these Midlands based rockers.

It has everything you could ever want for in a song and shows that whatever else happened in 2020, it certainly didn’t stop these prodigious musicians getting their creative juices flowing.

The single is accompanied by a ‘live’ video and in making that video, Gin Annie didn’t just push the boat out, they rocket-launched an ironclad battleship into the mid-Atlantic, with a high-octane, kickass visual spectacle.

We needed something visually vibrant and stimulating, so we used a huge video screen background and as many lights as we could get our hands on,” say the band, “We didn’t want the video to tell a story: we wanted it to reinforce the song’s vibe and feel.” And it does that in spades.

“We also wanted the video to reflect our live performance,” they go on, “We are an energetic band and we understand the importance of letting people get a taste for our stage show, who haven’t yet had the opportunity to see us live.

Plus, it was an excuse for us to get on stage and have some serious fun during lockdown!” Do yourselves a favour, pour yourself a drink, watch the video, buy the track, enjoy the music and remember your “Devil In Me” moment!

Gin Annie are
David Foster – Vocals
Byron ‘Beej’ Garbett – Guitars
Brian Green – Guitars
Phill ‘Hammer’ Burrows – Bass
Lewis Turner – Drums

You can stream/download single on all digital Platforms https://backl.ink/144054401

Photo Credit: Paul Hassell


Review by Darren Smith for MPM

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