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Album Review : THE TREATMENT – ‘WAITING FOR GOOD LUCK’ (Frontiers)

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Review by Paul Sabin for MPM

Cambridge based band, The Treatment, who formed in 2008, return with their fifth studio album. Produced by Laurie Mansworth (Airrace), this is also the second album to feature Tom Rampton on vocals and the first to feature Andy Milburn on Bass.

The album was recorded differently to their previous releases as the band locked themselves into a “bubble” and recorded tracks live as much as possible.

First track, `Rat Race’, eases us in with a traditional AC/DC style hard rocker which drips with melodies. `Take It Leave It’ follows in a similar vein with infectious riffs and rousing choruses oozing from every pore.

`Lightning In A Bottle’ sits firmly in the Foreigner/Aerosmith sass and groove camp but brings a great British twist to the party. Tagore & Tao Grey lay down some great lead breaks and keep this track motoring. Definitely a contender for the best track on the album! `Vampress’ gives it a run for its money however. This is a fast paced, monster of a track that has southern rock and Blues influences in its solos and riffery.

The hard rockin’ Blues swinger, `Eyes On You’ sees Rampton flexing more of his gritty, warm vocal muscles as this track swaggers and struts its stuff. When the next track kicked in, I was transferred back to late seventies Quo where bad boy boogie ruled. `No Way Home’ will have heads swaying and crowds punching the air when played live without a doubt.

`Devil In The Detail’ returns to powerful melodies and chugging guitars and would have been quite at home on a Winger album. Another superbly crafted song which ebbs and flows beautifully. Milburn’s bass introduces us to `Tough Kid’ before the rest of the band slowly come in on this tasty Blues rocker. This is a stripped back affair which sounds oh so good. I picture this played in a Smokey, rock bar full of hard drinkers, strippers and poker players who sit up and pay attention when this song kicks in!

`Hold Fire’ returns to the rollercoaster Rock n’ Roll that The Treatment as so good at. Speeding like a freight train, Rampton spews out the deliciously crafted lyrics as the boy’s nail down the rhythms in the background. Some sweet blue playing can be found on `Barman’. A Honky-Tonk bluesy affair with a vocal that reminds me of Joe Walsh’s `Rocky Mountain Way’.

The mean and moody, `Lets Make Money’ and the more modern sounding `Wrong Way’ which ends the album both have a huge sound which guarantees things finish on a high note.

The band is sounding tighter than they’ve ever been before here. Their writing and musical abilities have developed ten-fold and Tom Rampton has now bedded in nicely with his amazing power and vocal tone.

You may not have had your COVID vaccination but The Treatment’s brand of Brit-tinged Rock n’Roll is the closest thing to a cure for these bad times that I’ve seen so far this year!

I can’t wait to see the guys back on stage very soon.

Rat Race
Take It Or Leave It
Lightning In A Bottle
Eyes On You
No Way Home
Devil In The Detail
Tough Kid
Hold Fire
Let’s Make Money
Wrong Way

Tom Rampton – Vocals
Dhani Mansworth – Drums
Tagore Grey – Guitars
Tao Grey – Guitar and Bass Guitar


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