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David Allen – ‘A Lucky Leppard Fan’

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

For anyone who has been excited by the sound of a record from a new band, this will be a tale that will draw an instant nod of recognition, that teenage rite of passage that opens up a fresh and exciting world to the listener.

The whole book perfectly illustrates the notion that if you are passionate about a certain subject, the chances of opportunities arising to get involved more can come along at any time.

For Allen his earliest encounters with Def Leppard’s records could have never hinted at what was to come and a chance opportunity to play golf with a work colleague would open up a whole world of possibilities.

Given that the golfing buddy was the brother of Leppard’s Rick Savage and the bass player had been able to come along to play the round that day led not only to Allen meeting one of his idols but then building a relationship with the band directly and through others that any fan of the multi million selling Sheffield combo would envy.

Along the way the author lets us peek into his private collection of memorabilia curated over years of following the band and shows just how all consuming our passion for the medium can be.

Posters, records, ticket stubs, passes and other bespoke items are shown, each with a story behind them and more often than not signed, all deserving their own chapter in both the book and his life.

There are glimpses at rare and almost impossible to find objects that have been filling his home over the years, those gems that any truly committed fan of an artist treats as a Holy Grail but the wonderful thing is that, as a jokingly self-confessed frugal Yorkshireman, a lot of these things were gifts in return of kindness.

In that is another key to the success that Allen has had. Simply put, the community of true music fans goes way much deeper and beyond any financial gain and focusses on a genuine love of sharing their passion with other members of this larger family.

The main charm about the book is explained in its title, Allen exuding an honest enthusiasm and thankfulness for all that he has experienced through his support of the band.

From the generosity of friends through to the genuine warmth shown by the band members themselves, here is a gratitude of someone regularly having to pinch themselves at life changing moments that will stay as incredible memories and glorious highpoints that are such things that dreams come true are made of.

The writing may not be as slick as a professional but what it lacks in finesse it more than makes up in heart and surely that is the most important thing.

Part autobiography, part love letter to a band that have a special link to their fans, ‘A Lucky Leppard Fan’ is a great and entertaining read that is bound to raise a smile with anyone who’s answered the question “Do you wanna get rocked?”

A Lucky Leppard Fan by David Allen is available through Amazon.

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