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Review by Darren Smith for MPM

For me, Jizzy Pearl definitely falls into the category of being a musical icon, a legend if you like and whenever I am aware that he has new music appearing it wakens something inside my body that raises my excitement levels very quickly.

Ever since 1990, when Jizzy and his band Love/Hate released their critically acclaimed debut album “Blackout In The Red Room” they have been a major part of my own musical journey. That album and the four that followed in the 1990’s saw the original band all over MTV, winning awards and touring with acts such as Skid Row, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC.

To this day I still remember seeing the band for the first time at the London Docklands Arena in November 91 as they and L.A Guns opened up for Skid Row as the three of them tore it up around the UK and Europe on the headliners “No Fuckin Thrills” tour. Happy and raucous days indeed!

Since those heady days, Jizzy Pearl has kept the Love/Hate name alive with his own version of the band, Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate as well as playing and recording with Ratt, L.A. Guns and Steven Adler who are all other famed acts from the Sunset Strip scene, and he is also currently the vocalist in Quiet Riot.

Outside of recording with those bands and the five original Love/Hate albums, Pearl has released five solo albums and written I believe 3 novels. His last album, “All You Need Is Soul” which came out in 2018 on Frontiers Records is one of the finest sleaze rock albums I had heard in over 25 years and still gets regularly visits to my stereo.

So, what of “Soul Mama”, the new track from Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate. Due out on all digital platforms on the 14th May 2021, through Golden Robot Records, it is the first single to be taken from Jizzy’s 6th solo album “Hell, CA” which is due out in 2022.

Soul Mama” has its roots firmly set in that glorious time from whence Jizzy Pearl and Love/Hate first came. This is raunchy, in your face, kick ass rock n roll that not only defined the Sunset Strip scene but was equally defined by that scene. The thing that hit me on the first play of “Soul Mama” was the soulful swagger the tune has, something that for me epitomises the great tunes from the pen of Mr Pearl. From the opening snorting guitar and sensual “Ooh baby” there is a real dirty vibe

to “Soul Mama”. This is rock music that makes your hips subconsciously gyrate to the red hot strut the rhythm creates. Dirty riffs, pounding bass lines and pummelling drums create the perfect backdrop for Jizzy to lay his raspy, gravelly vocals down to and the combination of them all creates a tune that should sit up there alongside those songs from the back catalogue that we all love like “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope”, “Wasted in America”, “Spinning Wheel” et al.

If “Soul Mama” can be seen as an early appetiser for the forthcoming album I can only guess that the full release will be a smorgasbord of appetite filling delights when it sees the light of day in 2022.

Around the time “Hell, CA” hits the shelves, Jizzy Pearl may well be the ripe old age of 64 and I wonder if, as Blackout in the Red Room came out, the 32 year old singer thought, when I’m 64, I will still be recording blistering hot music and have a brand new album of raunch n roll just out.

Jizzy Pearl is showing no signs of slowing down, he sounds as good as ever, the music he is writing is still top-drawer and I for one, hope that continues to be the case for as long as possible.

Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate Online

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Golden Robot Records Online

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