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Review by Darren Smith for MPM

I am going to start this review by giving you a piece of advice and a prediction together and that is, remember the name Ethyrfield as on the back of this one single that I have heard, I firmly believe these three incredibly talented young musicians are going to be massive.

I was asked to review this single by a colleague and will say, hand on heart, I had never heard any of the bands music before this single landed in my inbox. It took less than one play for me to realise that was an unfortunate mistake on my part.

To give a bit of background, Ethyrfield are a South Devon based progressive rock trio who formed under the moniker New Project in 2014. They then subsequently changed their name to Ethyrfield in 2017. In January 2018 they won the Introducing Stage at the Giants of Rock Festival at Butlins, Minehead and were then invited to return in January 2019 to play the main stage alongside Skid Row, AC/DC’s Chris Slade and FM amongst others.

2018 also saw them win the West Country Metal 2 The Masses competition which gave them a slot on the Bloodstock bill that year, supporting Judas Priest, Nightwish and Gojira. Either side of that, they have released 2 EP’s, a self titled one in 2017 and in 2019, Taurus.

They are now set to release their debut album, ‘In Delirium’ in June and this track, ‘Remembering’ is the lead single from it. Produced by Josiah J Manning at Momentum Studios, it sees the band exploring progressive rock and alternative metal even further than before and will see the light of day on May 3rd, when it will become available on all major streaming platforms.

To pull a quote from the press pack, “the song ‘Remembering’ is a perfect example of how the album uses contrasting genres, dynamics and a melodic hook to create a unique blend of sounds that keeps any listener engrossed in the track.” Take it from me, if you are reading this before hearing the song, it does exactly that and then some.

From the moment I started listening to ‘Remembering’ I was totally taken in by the vocal performance of frontman Zach Cornish. His vocal portrayal of the emotional lyrical content just draws you in and tugs at your heart strings. For me, it is one of the most captivating and awe

inspiring displays, especially when you consider the incredibly young age of the band, that I have had the pleasure to bear witness to in a very long time.

Remembering’ is quite simply a spine tingling emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. The melancholic vocal intro is sad but equally beautiful and the opening 50 seconds or so are all about Zach as he lays down the heart rendering story for you. I wrote one word down initially and that was, haunting. That just sums it up perfectly!

It would be very easy, with the content of the song to quote lyric after lyric as each one is so very poignant but the only one I will use is “memories fade as dementia grows”.

Honestly, every single line, every word is quite clearly heartfelt and every line of the song hits home and will surely resonate with every person that hears the track. This is something that many of us will have dealt with, are dealing with or will have to deal with in the future. The talent to write such a remarkably heartfelt track in a trio so incredibly young is just quite frankly astonishing.

It is not just about that vocal performance though as the time change after 2 minutes or so takes ‘Remembering’ to an altogether different place. For the next minute or so it becomes a mesmerising instrumental where the drums, bass and guitar catapult the song into a progressive metal mini symphony that holds you as spellbound as the words did before it. It is, no questions asked, a truly compelling section.

Then, just as quickly as it started, the instrumental overture ends, and you are back in the lyrical sensitivity of the song, listening to Zach as it fades out in the same peaceful, emotional, tear-jerking, impassioned way that it began.

I honestly played ‘Remembering’ for over an hour on repeat as I felt myself so taken in by the bands performance, the lyrical content and just the overall beauty yet sadness of the song. It is quite honestly breath-taking. If you do nothing else, just take a moment and listen to it but make sure you are ready for it to get hold of your emotions and just wrench at them, as it will, it did me.

Ethyrfield are
Zach Cornish – Lead Vocals and Bass
Ben Cornish – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Dan Aston – Drums

Ethyrfield Online

Website – www.ethyrfield.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/ethyrfield

Instagram – www.instagram.com/ethyrfield

Twitter – www.twitter.com/ethyrfield

You Tube – www.youtube.com/ethyrfield

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/00j1vX0HoKKWWI2GSY9uUk?si=WxtyJBX7RPq3ZA95QZ20RA&utm_source=copy-link

Photography by Kelly Spiller.

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