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Album Review : HERMAN FRANK – Two For A Lie

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Review by By Dave Gilbert.

I really didn’t know what to expect, when given this album to review. This is Frank’s sixth album under his name, with his own band.

He has a huge discography behind him, with many other bands. ACCEPT being the better known to many.  He has also produced lot’s of recordings.

So, on to this album. First track “Teutonic Order”, thunders in at pace, with chugging, panned rhythm guitars and a threatening vocal line in the verse. They instantly mean business here.

I was hoping for some melodic vocal lines, beautiful leads and riffs a plenty. These boys don’t disappoint. Melodic pre chorus and a hard hitting, statement chorus, gives us an idea of what to expect.

However, this album is more than that. Yes, many up tempo songs with chugging rhythm guitars, pre chorus, chorus format (not every song), but these songs are all very good songs.

All very well written and something different in them all. I mean, track five “Liar”, reminds me of  something from “Cross Purposes”, by BLACK SABBATH. Track eight “Danger”, reminds me of Nicky Moore era SAMSON, and track nine “Stand Up And Fight”, reminds me of “Kill The King”, by RAINBOW.

When I say reminds, I mean reminds. They’re still sounding like Herman Frank.

If you like old school heavy metal, with melodies and riffs a plenty, sublime lead guitar playing, with top notch vocals and musicianship, you can’t go wrong here. Crystal clear, commercially produced heavy metal at it’s best.

Something for everyone, with no filler tracks. Every track a winner and I particularly like the fact that the album is the typical vinyl length, so every song is heard in one sitting, so you get to know the tracks quickly.

This album has been a revelation. I’m now gonna give it another spin. Just can’t stop playing it, it’s that good.

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