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Single Review : Shade Of Sorrow – ‘Fabricated Hope’

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Following his recent debut single ‘No Return’, Finnish legend Mika Juhani Kankainen has just released new track ‘Fabricated Hope’, with the intention to roll out a lot more throughout 2021.

Shade Of Sorrow is a new, fresh one-man project produced by Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart, Before the Dawn) and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Esa UUsimaa. The vocals were produced by Juha Kylmanen from Whiteleaf Studios.

Admittedly, I do dread those words: “solo project” but there is seemingly nothing that Mika Juhani Kankainen can’t do. There aren’t many one-man projects that actually take on the roles ALL of the instruments, as they’re normally recorded from other samples and put on a backing track.

Not here though. He sings and plays drums, guitars and bass, the guy is a legend. On stage though I assume this would be an impossible and difficult task, so I do wonder if this will remain a virtual project.

Previous single, ‘No Return’, is way more melodic than this but I appreciate them both.

This though, is my favourite so far because it’s heavier, the guitars and drums giving more of a wallop. This song combines the rawness of the Nordic nature with the melancholy that is the DNA of the Finnish people and it does feel like a love song, a song about grieving for someone that you love.

There is definitely some variety throughout. You’re greeted first with fast riffing and some double bass drums and it feels fairly heavy. The lyrics are focused entirely on pain and grief and Mika has some real rawness in his vocals, he growls but every word is coming through crystal clear.

Slightly over 3 minutes into the track everything slows down and it goes into a completely different direction. It’s extremely harmonic and Mika proves he can sing too. I feel totally pulled in and stunned, the song a juxtaposition of nothing but pure darkness, gloom and yet beauty.

I really do like this project and will certainly be following Shade Of Sorrow after being introduced recently. If you appreciate melodic death metal, then definitely give this a go.

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