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Gig Review : Gallows Circus – Karobela – Bad Actress The Corporation, Sheffield – 31st July 2021

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Review & Photography by Paul McGowan for MPM

Up first are Scottish based, five-piece rockers Bad Actress. This, three brother, plus two mate’s combination, simply tear into their set at a blistering speed and just don’t let up until the very end.

Their enthusiasm, smiles and music, is infectious from the off. Their musical influences and idols are clearly on display in attire, music and topped off with a confident, though not cocky, swagger. They are here to promote themselves and they do it perfectly.

They band consists of a solid back three, with Lui on drums, Alexi on bass and Tommy B on rhythm guitar, fronted by Vinnie Vex on lead vocals who projects a quality vocal. The band is topped off with lead guitarist, Chick, who is simply bubbling over with confidence and infectious smiles.

This is raw, fast and frenetic music that grips you from the first note. Powering through a setlist that is made up from their fledgeling catalogue of quality self-written offerings to a superb version of Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’, everything is delivered with aplomb and a seemingly maturity beyond their years.

Following on from an opening act such as Bad Actress is no easy feat, even for some seasoned bands, though this four-piece quintessentially nailed it.

Describing their quality derived sound is not an easy task. On drums, Ben Gower is solid and impeccable, whilst the bass riffs of Katie King are clear and superbly delivered.

All things technical (laptop) are controlled by lead guitarist Rob Freeman, who once unleashed, simply became a cacophony of musical wonderment, delivering some superb riffs and lead moments.

Top this off with the quality and powerful vocals of Lauren Diamond and you have a superb sound that simply draws you in.

Already, and quite rightly, noticed by the likes of Planet Rock, the band delivered a superb set of songs. All four looked at ease as they seemingly delivered song after song with energy, yet effortlessly and with smiling faces.

As with many support slots, this was seemingly over just too quickly, though like anything you are enjoying it simply flew by. Karobela are undoubtedly capable of bigger things, and you would be well suited to keep an eye out for them.

Hailing from Kent, the headline act for tonight’s gig is the outstanding Gallows Circus. With two quality Ep’s now behind them, this four-piece rock outfit have a following that is solid and justifiably expanding.

They headline tonight for a reason, and this casts no shadow whatsoever on the support acts. This is polished, slick and ever so well delivered Rock n Roll.

Consisting of Drummer Steve Kitchener, Bassist Richard Tunbridge, Guitarist Ben Attwood and lead singer Ian Day, this four piece up the musical ante in bucketloads.

The crowd are instantly gripped and nodding along to the blistering tunes and quality riffs, from the very first song. The drums are pinpoint sharp and relentless, all backed up with solid bass riffs. Ben simply delivers, time after time with some searing guitar work that not just compliments the engine room of the band, but Ian’s superb sounding vocal talent, gracing every song.

The band are on top form and deliver a high intensity set, that from a visual point of view, impressed all those present. People nodding along, singing along and even some dancing along to the tunes tells you all you need to know.

Chit chat, between songs, is again kept to an absolute minimum. The band let their sound do the talking and it talks quality and quantity throughout.

Except for just one song, Michael Jackson’s ‘Dirty Diana’, the set is compiled entirely of their own material, gleaned from their two superb EP’s. The entire set is greeted with enthusiasm and solid applause.

The band finish and leave the stage to Bens multi pedal induced feedback effect and the sound of cheers and requests for more. The band duly return, for the obligatory encore, which rounds off what has been a superb all-round night of rock music.

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