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Single Review : Ward XVI – ‘Burn The Witch’

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

Taking what Alice Cooper did in the 70’s and running with that even further, Ward XVI have been thrilling rock fans everywhere with their inventive and immersive world.

With a constantly growing narrative that follows central character Psychoberrie, we’re drawn back into her twisted playground world, sucked into the fractured mind that dreams of and then does the most terrible things.

Burn The Witch’ adds another deliciously unsettling layer to the story and is the mark of a band hitting even greater heights after the phenomenon that was last years ‘Metamorphosis’ album.

With a slow burning and exotically charged Far Eastern flavour, the tracks creeps and slithers up on you, its fangs hidden until the roaring midsection that tears into life.

Packing a hugely powerful punch and dynamics, it’s also graced by an atomic weapon strength guitar solo that should fill stadiums, such is its epic heft. Bloodied and bruised, the storm abates, leaving us back with the calm of the intro, the back of our minds telling us that a lot more is to come.

Matching towering tracks with electrifying performances, no-one does visceral thrills quite as well as Ward XVI. Be prepared for your own trip into the depths as Psychoberrie and her fellow inmates worm their way into your very soul. You have been warned.

Bandcamp Cd-https://wardxvi.bandcamp.com/album/me…

Bandcamp MP3 https://wardxvi.bandcamp.com/album/me…

iTunes – Metamorphosis by Ward XVI https://music.apple.com/gb/album/meta…

Amazon MP3 Metamorphosis https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08DK74P8…

Amazon.co.uk – Metamorphosis https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08H5BRL6…

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