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Single Review : Words Of Farewell – Born Of Sleep

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Germany, the country of immaculate precision has also birthed progressive death metal band, Words Of Farewell in 2007.

They have just released a new music video for their new single ‘Born Of Sleep’ via Seek And Strike Records and I have the great privilege to smear this freshness all over my face.

Prior to this new release the sextet released album ‘A Quiet World’ in 2016 which featured 9 tracks in total, the album was a real heart chugger in places, the melodic elements were loud and powerful but there were also some real thumping tracks that could prepare anyone for battle.

Words Of Farewell has respectively evolved since, moving forward their music to a more modernised form of progressive death metal and ‘Born Of Sleep’ demonstrates this clearly.

As the track develops, each section is ramped up a notch, not declining in the slightest. There’s nothing that sounds too repetitive and they offer us touches of technicalities, the guitars a little tech death metal in places. They totally take over the show especially when their solos kick in and the chord progressions just melt me.

Alexander Otto’s vocals have always floated my boat, his deep guttural, earthy death metal vibe is exactly what I’m all about, rough and ready, faster paced in places and consistently in line throughout the track. The clean singing hasn’t differed the music in my opinion, they are not overbearing and they don’t take up the whole track, they are actually quite harmonic and uplifting retaining a huge emotional impact.

The production sounds much bigger than their past releases and the overall sound is huge. The double bass drums are turned up a little and work alongside the simply lush bass tone, it’s balanced well with the melodic samples which sit perfectly under the bass, keeping up with the guitars.

I’m assured they have focused more on the clean singing over the melodic elements which is a huge thumbs up from me.

The abundance of talent that comes from Words Of Farewell comes through thick and fast, real rock and soul with a modern twist, I’m totally all here for their new chapter and looking forward to their next releases.

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