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Slania: Argentina’s Symphonic Metallers Release New Single/Video for Limbo

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Argentina’s Symphonic Metal band Slania has just released their new video for the single Limbo, on August 27th via their official YouTube channel. The new single is also available on Spotify since last week.

For the video, Slania followed idea of bass player Walter González to play with a duality concept, mixing light and dark scenes. The lyrics of the song revolve around the struggle people experience to be part of this society… living by someone else’s purpose and encouraging to wake up from the Limbo we’re trapped in every day.    

Regarding the concept, Walter states: “By the time we wrote this song, we thought about an emotion, a perception that we as a band shared many times as a feeling of not-belonging, dis root, not identifying ourselves with the reality that is shown to us… in how we are supposed to work in that reality and in this society.

So that feeling is that something’s not right, weird. But we wonder what is exactly, then we call that ‘Limbo’, like a matrix reality where we apparently belong and we have to pretend to be in.

We understood our very consciousness dictating. We should wake up from that Limbo and look beyond, turn the ball upwards and let our instinct (meaning heart) guide us. There is where we are playing in the video, in that nothingness, empty place we intend to wake up from with our music and lighting up the match of our conscious awakening.

Limbo comes from Latin limbus. It means edge or limit. The popular expression “being in limbo” indicates that a person is disconnected from the reality that surrounds him or a mysterious place where inexplicable things happen.

Heresy Metal Media produced the video for Limbo. It was filmed this year in July at 980 Studio, Buenos Aires.

Ranthiel Soprano – Vocals
Walter González – Bass & Vocals
Gonzalo Kobalenko – Guitars
Nicolás Di Giano – Drums

Like: https://www.facebook.com/Slaniametal/

Follow: https://www.instagram.com/slaniaoffic…

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/c/SlaniaMetal

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