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Album Review : The Night Flight Orchestra, Aeromantic II

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Swedish hard rock band ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’ have released their new album on Nuclear Blast records, this is their 6th album and will surely be another delightful experience for the ears.

Formed in 2007, the band fit into so many genres of rock it sends you dizzy, leaping from AOR, to funk rock, progressive rock, hard rock all in a pretty impressive manner. To appreciate Aeromantic II you really should also get your ears around the first part ‘Aeromantic ‘ released in 2020.

I should begin this review with ‘Once upon a time “Rocky ‘had a baby with ‘Flashdance’ and the NFO was born. Think 70’s disco crossed with 80’s Hair metal and again we get the NFO love child.

The album opens with ‘Violent Indigo’ a real vibe back to 80’s pop combined with hair metal, some rock and roll and …the list goes on.’ Midnight Marvellous’ keeps the theme going with more of the up-tempo 80’s vibe but back that up with some up-tempo drumming and a smattering of riffs.

‘How Long’ is the track of the album for me, catchy chorus with more than a brain full of catchy lyrics too. ‘Burn for me’ has the synth vibes cascading out in buckets and settling in a puddle of toe tapping, bum wiggling rock and roll.

‘Chardonnay Nights’ opens with orchestral synth before leaping into 80’s movie theme magic. ‘Change’ has a good slog to the tub thumping, a ‘harder’ song on the album, more dramatic, catchy lyrics, key changes and layers of vocals.

‘Amber Through a Window’ has me thinking of donning the legwarmers and taking an aerobics class, totally fabulous!

‘I Will Try’ is another cracker with lyrics flowing easily, it’s one of those songs that you will be singing along too after the first listen, perhaps in the car on your own if your normal rock persuasion is anything harder than STYX or similar.

‘You Belong To The Night’ is full of Disco beats, the Night Flight Orchestra at its very best. My foot is tapping, you cannot stop it, it is infectious and very fabulous!

‘Zodiac’ packs a big punch of synth… can synth pack a punch? Ah well it is heavy on them regardless but again it’s a total melodic fest of disco beats and well constructive melodic rock

‘White Jeans’ has received extensive radio -play and why not? This is a real earworm of a song and crosses the genres of melodic rock and disco once again.

Finishing with ‘Moonlit Skies’ I am almost disappointed the album has finished. It is so not my sort of music but it chipped its way in, in a similar way that Abba eats into the hard rock soul of many a metalhead, you can appreciate it, sing along to it, download it and enjoy it without any guilt.

I can’t wait to see NFO at Bloodstock in 2022 – yes Bloodstock and it’s going to be a real party! Do I bring glowsticks?

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Review by Lindsay Smith for MPM

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