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Elizabeth, The Charismatic Voice talks to Paul Monkhouse at Bloodstock Openair 2021

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Interview by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

One of the greatest things to happen to YouTube in recent years is the advent of ‘reaction’ videos, those ceaselessly entertaining clips of people reacting to other video clips, be that songs, comedy, sports or a whole number of other types of footage.

Some of the very best have seen people absolutely lose it over songs that have either shocked, amazed or moved them to tears, their reactions probably mirroring our own and brought a real kinship that reinforces that, regardless of your location or circumstances, music can touch us all.

Whilst a lot of these reactions can be viewed of everyday members of the public experiencing jaw dropping moments, more often than not the most engaging and informative have featured experts in their field with a real analysis of all aspects of the songs or performances.

With a mixture of technical and emotional highlights expanded upon, it can be amazing to see much-loved and often heard tracks have new light shone through old windows, revealing hitherto undiscovered depths and peaks that may have passed us by on not only the first time, but also repeat listenings.

With a number of vocal coaches, composers and musicians giving their expertise, including Julia Nilon, Beth Roars, The Fairy Voicemother and The Old Composer being amongst some of the very best, the most enthusiastic and joyful has to be The Charismatic Voice. Opera singer, vocal coach and with many other strings to her bow, her passionate and always illuminating videos on artists such as Jinjer, Dio, Nightwish, Judas Priest, Devin Townsend and Phil Collins has seen her followers skyrocket and she’s recently easily shot past 500,000 subscribers to her channel.

With a natural charm and real ease in her delivery you can’t help but give in to the infectious and wide-eyed glee she has when hearing new music.

Metal Planet Music caught up with her when she and her husband made the pilgrimage from their home in the States to the holy metal ground of Bloodstock recently, discussing her varied career and all things vocal.

Listen to the full interview below , click the link.

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