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EP Review : Hellz Abyss – ‘Pottymouth

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

Following up from the critically acclaimed ‘N1FG’ album earlier this year, the Australian force of nature known as Hellz has turned downtime when a world tour should have been happening into a dazzling firework of creativity.

Pottymouth’ extends the legend and shows that you really can’t keep a good woman down, especially when they’re a snarling ball of feral fury, wrapped in a warrior queen who oozes an unsettling sensuality that will both seduce you and threaten to rip you limb from limb.

Glamtastic grinder ‘Bleed’ opens the show, tough and full of Hellz knuckleduster attitude, the guitars curl and snap, teeth fully bared whilst the vocals soar and tears chunks out of your face. ‘Freedom Phobia’ has a massive groove and swaggering singing, the no nonsense attack blended perfectly with the climbing riffs and ‘Trouble’ is strident, snotty and viscous.

Along with these three monsters, the helter skelter closing rocker ‘Wanna Play’ glories in some absolutely filthy guitarwork and sees Hellz in full flight, her performance nothing short of breathtaking as she stamps her authority with something that shows that women can hit even harder and with more precision than their male counterparts.

Tucked into the centre of things though is arguably the highlight of the EP as the charmingly titled ‘Smegma’ is a grand, epic, swirling and incredibly impressive killer blow that is like being caught in the solar plexus by a wrecking ball. Never short of jaw dropping, Hellz Abyss continue their remarkable trajectory upwards and it won’t be long before the whole world knows the name. Stunning.

EP- POTTYMOUTH 2021 Stream it 👇 https://linktr.ee/HellzAbyss

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