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Single Review : KK’s Priest – Raise Your Fists

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Raise Your Fists’ is the new single and video released by rock band KK’s Priest.

Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing and vocalist Tim Owens are in company with Tony Newton, AJ Mills and Sean Elg to keep the rock alive by preparing us for their upcoming album ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’ scheduled for release on the 1st of October via Explorer1 Music Group/ EX1 Records.

After over a decade of bobbing about and appreciating life, steering clear away from intense tours and recording studios, Downing stepped back on stage in August 2019 to perform alongside Ross The Boss at Bloodstock. Having had this taste of what he’s craved and missed, this sparked his passions again and he is back, back with a full-on rock attack. The following November he put on a show in Wolverhampton and this was the marker for KK’s Priest.

I have so much admiration for these fellas and everything they stand for, without the original rock and roll from back in the day, we wouldn’t have explored rock and metal like we have, it can’t be gold without the old.

It’s not rock metal if it doesn’t get you singing along and ‘Raise Your Fists’ does exactly that. It’s an awesome track, the video features a live performance which is super classy and everyone looks like they are having a brilliant time and fun which is exactly what all this is about.

Tim Owens can strike you emotionally with sheer power and force, his range has always been impressive to say the least, the vocals are scorching, very high pitched in places and would destroy anything and anyone standing in the way.

Meeting the expectations of any true rock fan allows for some pressure but the mid paced beats and straightforward riffs have maximum gain and the build up towards the electric guitar solo should make any rock fan lose it. It’s passionate, modern but also strikingly authentic and the simplicity of the lyrics are easily digested.

The legacy of preserving rock music is certainly strong with KK’s Priest and I don’t doubt their mission to bring hell and fire to every stage will be very successful. The forthcoming album, ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’ is a statement, nothing lasts forever and whilst one day rock may be no more, this signature music will be remembered though there’s no doubt about that.

Raise Your Fists’ from the forthcoming album by KK’s Priest, ‘Sermons of the Sinner’. Pre-order now: https://kkspriest.lnk.to/album

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