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Album Review : Plush – ‘Plush’

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

Few bands get to join the cream of the crop in releasing a game changing first album, one that marks them out to be a force to be truly reckoned with and promises potentially world beating things to come.

Step forward Plush who have absolutely nailed it and their self-titled full-length introduction to the globe stands as the best debut since Evanescence released ‘Fallen’, some eighteen years ago. Even more remarkable is the fact that all the quartet are aged under twenty-one. Really though this shouldn’t be the focus as it’s the music that speaks the loudest.

Opener ‘Athena’ sets out their stall straight away, seriously hard rocking that mixes the grandeur of Heart, the fire of Halestorm and the ambitions of Led Zeppelin with Moriah Formica’s vocals blistering the paint off your walls and the twisting fretwork of Bella Perron thrilling the senses.

Add to that Brooke Colucci wrecking ball drums and the no holds barred bass of Ashley Suppa all matched to a song with hooks so huge they could tow a supertanker and you have an unbeatable combination.

Given their obvious ambition, ‘Champions’ seems more than just youthful boasting but a knowing statement of just who they are and what they have, something that this punchy heavyweight slab of metal proves without any shadow of doubt.

Debut single ‘Hate’ displays yet more of their knack with an irresistible melody, their balance of genuinely powerful modern rock with singalong choruses should see them future festival headliners reaching across the boards and loved by metalheads and embraced by pop fans alike.

‘Found A Way Out’ and ‘I Don’t Care’ continue in the same vein, the album’s production by the Grammy nominated Johnny K bringing out every nuance and filling rattling note and he’s certainly coaxed the best performances from the four-piece, with Formica on especially stunning form throughout.

Even when turning things down on ‘Sober’, K shows he has a knack to find the best route between showing light and shade, the gentle vocals and acoustic guitar giving way as it ramps up to the sort of chorus that can tear down walls or rip hearts apart.

‘Better Off Alone’ is soaked in a wonderful dynamic tension, an anthemic showstopper that swoops and soars with a stop/start precision that could have been tooled in Switzerland, Perron wringing out every last note from her tortured six string.

Sorry’ is an emotive titan that turns everything to the max, whilst being just being the right size of huge and not tipping into cliché, the harmonies and powerhouse instrumentation the perfect accompaniment to the stunning vocals.

Colucci really shines, along with Suppa, as the two roar in the scorching ‘Why Do I Even Try’, the rhythm section playing with the force of an unstoppable freight train and the take no crap attitude of ‘Bring Me Down’ mixes some pop style stylings into something that could level city blocks.

Big ballad ‘Don’t Say That You Love Me’ is another potential crossover that could be a future global straddling hit, ticking every single box and has all the ingredients that will see it playing out of countless radios, cars and bedrooms all over the world.

Closing with a shout of defiance and steely purpose, ‘Will Not Win’ is a slamming retort that rocks hard and ‘Walk Away’ is declaration of independence that will provide the inspiration and strength to countless numbers of people cutting off destructive heartbreak from their lives and building brave new futures.

With a start like this, the expectations of Plush are sky high and their sophomore album will reveal truly if the future festival headliner status on display here is on a clear trajectory to become reality.

Already opening tours for Seether and Mammoth WVH, the arenas and stadiums are calling and the forthcoming trek with the aforementioned Evanescence and Halestorm, should see the band spreading the word even further, legions of new fans joining their ever-growing army.

Killer songs, incredible performances and enough energy to light up whole cities, Plush have it all and with this first album they’ve made presence felt and are heading to the super leagues. An absolutely phenomenal debut and one that will go down in rock history.

Track listing is as follows:

Found A Way
I Don’t Care
Better Off Alone
Why Do I Even Try
Bring Me Down
Don’t Say That
Will Not Win
Walk Away

For the latest on PLUSH, visit: Official Site:plushrocks.net




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