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Review by Paul Sabin for MPM

Them good ole boys, The Outlaw Orchestra, who hail south of the big smoke and east of the great river (that’s Southampton to you and me!), have released an eleven-track album brimming full of southern rock goodness. 

This release which is a follow up to their EP which came out in March kicks off with `Done My Time’. The thumping bass drum starts things moving as the acoustic guitar and Dave Roux’s smoky vocal comes in breathing fire into the track. This foot stomping Blue Rock track will get under your skin with its infectious groove.

Red Rag’ is bullish in name and nature as this gritty rocker hits out with a rasping guitar tone and upfront vocal delivery. Tasty chords and a deep bass light the way to the deep south here. 

Pete Briley’s expertise come to the fore on `Rollin Stone’ as he fills the air with banjo deliciousness and Roux bring an echoey guitar to the party on this funky swaggering track.

We move closer to an all-out rocker with `Enough About Me’. Slide guitar, banjo and a blues rhythm build to turn this track into a rockin’ hoedown where David Roux’s vocal tone is intoxicatingly mellow. 

Your feet will be itching to move as Ryan Smith’s drum patterns blend with the banjo and the guitar riffs freely on `Back In The Game’. Pedal steel guitar and acoustic strumming pull together to ooze pure country blues emotion on `Got It Made’ which is one of the most epic tracks here. 

`Rattlesnake Sour – Over Proof’ oozes a liquor laden groove as guitar, lap steel, banjo and drums pound out a country rock swagger. `Sea Legs’ bring in violins to mix with acoustic guitar on this soulful ballad. Roux’s husky tones and Smith’s drum punctuate this track to maintain a hearty edge. 

`There’s No Easy Way To Say This’ is everything a country rock song should be. From start to finish all the stops are pulled out and the band are on fire. This is a real rousing kick ass ditty.

Blame The Horse’ see sharp but sweet guitar licks light the way as deep, emotive bass lines thunder out and Roux’s cool, witty lyrics hit the spot. 

We finish with fittingly, `End Of The Line’, a cool, sweet sounding acoustic number that shows that passion and fun these guys put into everything they do. 

There is no doubt that The Outlaw Orchestra are masters of their art. Fantastic musicians, brilliant song writers and showmen who add the fun element back into music. Whether its slightly quirky lyrics that tell a bizarre story or simply entertaining ways of present their music, there is no one quite like them. 

The new album shows how they’ve grown musically whilst retaining their happy go lucky heritage. Let’s raise a glass of moonshine to this release being a resounding success.

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