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HAWXX Chat to Paul Monkhouse at Bloodstock open-air 2021

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Some things in life are inevitable. The fact that Hawxx will dominate the entire world is one such thing. It’s pretty pointless to resist to be honest.

Destined to come together from four separate worlds, this is a team equal to any dreamt up by the fevered imaginations of Stan Lee and Marvel and as thrilling and powerful.

There is an unalloyed toughness here that speaks of likeminded souls brought together to create the very best music they can, their unity of purpose and individual talents somehow, miraculously, capturing lightning in a bottle, that spark that very few truly have.

Whilst, yes, there is other fast rising acts in the UK, arguably none quite hold the promise of Hawxx as Anna, Jessica, Hannah and Iman, their no less than seismic impact on the scene, stamp their authority and identity in an undoubtedly fresh and vibrant way.

For any who have seen them live, there seems to be a real sense that here are an quartet who are leaders, rather than followers and as such it’s an attitude that goes beyond the crushing, snarlingly feral and punchy material they play and permeates both their lyrics and their general persona.

This is a band that you immediately warm to, brought in by the snarling guitars and the groove of the drums and bass attack, they soon blindside you with some wonderful three part harmonies and a sense of unity that goes way beyond the stage, embracing the audience in its warm and familial embrace.

Following their set at Bloodstock this year the plaudits rained freely down, converts and the committed claiming it to be the highlight of the weekend.

Despite the fierce nature of the music and their take no crap outlook, the band are all incredibly warm and relaxed offstage. A touching moment comes when a young girl called Willow, not yet in her teens, comes up to them and declares them an inspiration and her new favourite band.

Hearts melt and smiles go full beam, the four members of Hawxx equally moved and immeasurably pleased that they’ve had this effect, this one genuine reaction seemingly meaning more to them than any rave review in the media.

We managed to grab a little time with them and heard about what they’ve been doing and what’s next for the stratospherically coursed combo.

Check out the full interview below by clicking the link.

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