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HEARTS & HAND GRENADES reveal new music video & single for , Between the Lines

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Hearts & Hand Grenades just released a new single and a music video for the title track off their upcoming full-length album “Between the Lines“.

This is the third single from their upcoming sophomore album Between the Lines. The video was directed by Nick Sonricker at Twenty6 Productions. Watch it right now at link below.

“Between the Lines is about discovering something you thought was true in fact, was actually a lie” says guitarist Mike Bress. “Trying to unfold the truth while you feel like no one is listening can be frustrating. We often see this is the case when it comes to politics and propaganda spread by governments.

Sometimes you have to question what you’re being told, do the research, and find out for yourself what is really going on!” Lead vocalist and bassist Stephanie Wlosinski adds, “this is the third video directed by Nick Sonricker, and once again, he brought his flair for quick cuts, sharp angles, and plenty of camera movement to capture the live feel of our stage show.

His energy matches ours and makes for a smooth video shoot. During the shoot, Mike and Kenny stood up on side platforms and I stood on a narrow staircase in the middle of the stage.

Well, I’m absolutely terrified of heights and had to hide my fear during those takes. We shot that twice and that was enough. I was in a panic at that point, and I needed a minute to calm my nerves to continue. Besides me being a wimp with heights, everything else was fantastic.”

Between the Lines contains ten hard-rocking earworms full of savage riffs and powerfully deep lyrics. The album was produced by Justin Rose (Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Spyro Gyra) at GCR Audio, and the cover art was designed by Jeff Ballance at 119 Design. Between the Lines will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on November 19, 2021.

Standout tracks include the album’s high-energy first single “Bad Medicine” which represents the disappointment experienced when something doesn’t go as planned. “Beautiful Pain” is about the kind of pain you can learn and grow from, while owning your actions that may have brought you to that point.

The title track “Between the Lines” is about the lies we are told by the media and how it negatively affects society and of particular note, “Moonlight” is the band’s modern rock version of Moonlight Sonata by one of history’s greatest composers, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This album is pure, controlled emotion… rock like you’ve never quite experienced it before, and the kind that only Hearts & Hand Grenades can deliver. Get ready to scream it out for the world to hear… Hearts & Hand Grenades are back and their latest album rocks!

Pre-save or Pre-order at https://ffm.to/btwn

For more information on Hearts & Hand Grenades, please visit them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Eclipse Records

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