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POISON BOYS Release New Single and Title Track ‘Don’t You Turn on Me’ Off Upcoming New Album

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According to who you talk to, rock and roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they’re pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible! 

POISON BOYS recently released their new single ‘Little Speedway Girl’ via Riot Records. ‘Little Speedway Girl’ is a tasty little punk rock romp that channels all the good vibes from rock legends like New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss and UK punk acts such as The Heartbreakers and The Vibrators.

‘Little Speedway Girl’ gave a strong indication of what to expect from their new album Don’t You Turn On Me, which will be released digitally on the 29th of October. 
 ’Don’t You Turn on Me’ is a Stones-worshipping, 70’s sleaze rock-inspired hit about losing a loved one to a falling out and wanting to make up with them. The track features backup vocalist Dana Athens on layered soul vocals, a 70’s slide guitar in the bridge, and long-time Poison Boys touring guitarist “Sleepy Doc” Julius Lange on keys. 

Don’t You Turn on Me is the second full length album from POISON BOYS. It’s a long time coming since their first album Out of My Head in 2019, and is a general move in the direction of the band’s punk styling and ability to write hard-hitting, late 1970’s punk, steeped fully in rock n roll roots.

It ranges in vibe from more early-mid 70’s sleazier hits, like title track ‘Don’t You Turn on Me,’ ‘Sweet Marie,’ or ‘I Was Cryin’,’ to blistering punk rippers like ‘Nothing but Darkness,’ ‘Day by Day,’ and ‘Keep Knocking,’ to instant punk classics that could have been played by early punk bands such as ‘Little Speedway Girl,’ ‘Living on the Edge of the Knife,’ or ‘She’s Nowhere.’

The band’s classic Johnny Thunders sleaze is showcased on ‘Dick in the Dirt,’ and ‘Take a Chance With Me’, while a less aggressive, more charming side is shown on ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Mind.’ 

Shining bright like rock n roll torch bearers through the endless sea of bands who add too many modern influences to their pursuit of punk, POISON BOYS are bringing you back to 1977 with this new album, transporting you to a time and place you may not have even existed during, but definitely wish you were there for. 

Listen/Buy ‘Don’t You Turn on Me’ HERE

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