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Demonstealer releases new single ft. members of Marduk, Fleshgod Apocalypse

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Demonstealer, one of India’s premiere death metal musicians, has revealed his new track ‘From Extinction Begins Evolution’.

Another glimpse into Demonstealer‘s forthcoming EP The Holocene Termination, released 3rd December, the new song features Simon Schilling of MardukAnton Zhikharev (Gorgasm), and Fabio Bartoletti (Fleshgod Apocalypse).

Pre-order: Demonstealer.Bandcamp.com (International) and Redwolf.in/Demonstealer (India)

Sahil Makhija, better known as Demonstealer, has long been one of the pillars of the heavy metal scene in India. From being at the vanguard of a fledgling metal scene to becoming one of its most visible and respected proponents today, Demonstealer is integral to the growth of the Indian metal community.

In 2000, Demonstealer formed Demonic Resurrection, one of India’s best known and biggest metal bands. Over the last two decades the band has become one of the most recognizable faces of Indian metal, nationally and internationally. Also in 2000 he established India’s first recording studio dedicated solely to metal – a home to all of the country’s top metal bands.

Five years later he launched Demonstealer Records – India’s first metal record label. The roster included the best in India’s burgeoning metal scene, and licensed internationally renowned acts, including Behemoth and Dimmu BorgirDemonstealer also founded and ran Resurrection Festival, alongside Demonic Resurrection bassist Husain Bandukwala. For years it was India’s only dedicated extreme metal festival. Needless to say, Demonstealer’s impact on the national scene cannot be overstated.

Aside from the success of Demonic Resurrection (5 studio albums, Metal Hammer Golden God award, multiple tours and festivals across UK and Europe), Demonstealer’s solo career is notable. From his debut album And Chaos Will Reign (2008) to 2021’s The Holocene TerminationSahil has been blazing a thunderous solo trail.

Occasionally however, even a tireless musician like Demonstealer must call in outside forces. The guest appearances on The Holocene Termination are highly impressive, including Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Anton Zhikharev (Gorgasm), Simon Schilling (Marduk), Robin Stone (The Amenta, Norse), and Jeff Hughell (Six Feet Under).

The range of talent on display is undeniable – all contributing to a thrilling near-20 minute ride from a highly significant musician.

Demonstealer is:
Sahil Makhija – vocals, guitar

Guest musicians:
Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse)
Jeff Hughell (Six Feet Under)
Nick Padovani (Equipoise)
Krzysztof Klingbein (Deathspawn)
Anton Zhikharev (Gorgasm)
Simon Schilling (Marduk)
Fabio Bartoletti (Fleshgod Apocalypse)
Robin Stone (The Amenta)
Veronica Bordacchini (Fleshgod Apocalypse)

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