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Album Review : Exodus – Persona Non Grata

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

I am forever grateful for my opportunities as a music reviewer. I am experiencing one of the best journeys in my life and I get to absorb and appreciate the best metal that bursts out from the scene. Today’s offering is legendary thrash icons, Exodus.

Exodus is where it all began for many and long-term fans will certainly appreciate this release. You are guaranteed an absolute beating of thrash metal as soon as you press play.

‘Persona Non Grata’ is their most recent album release since their debut appearance back in 1979. This riff monster album was released early November via Nuclear Blast and putting it simply, it is brilliant.

You became instantly aware, knowing exactly what to expect as the title opening title track ‘Persona Non Grata’ kicks in, taking no prisoners. Fasten in guys because it’s going to be an aggressive, roller coaster ride. It’s super-fast paced, full of adrenaline and a force of mayhem, throwing you straight in at the deep end.

‘R.E.M.F’ follows and I must say, it is a lovely chunky bit of metal. It is slower paced and deeper toned in comparison to other tracks on the album. It’s also arguably my favourite. The slow-paced riff is mouthwatering and as the track develops it gradually pushes further and harder, bouncing off the chunky, fast bass. ‘The Years of Death and Dying’ is another favourite, being an absolute belter. The guitars just spring off each other in a battle of riffs, reaching a pinnacle point of extraordinary ecstasy.

What is the point in doing things by half measures when life is so short? Steve ‘’Zetro’’ Sousa vocals are absolutely ripping and consistent from start to finish. The guy is a vocal superhero and there’s certainly no half measures with his range.  Also, Gary Holt is pure magic; what an extremely talented guitarist. He just bangs the riffs out one after the other, every single track full to the brim with riffing pleasure.

The album’s pace picks up again with ‘Clickbait’. You are thrown from wall to wall before ’Cosa Del Pantano’ takes the album into what feels like a western and acoustic vibe. It’s a good album breaker for sure and by the time that ‘Antiseed’ draws the album to a close I feel like I’ve experienced a fight or flight situation. This nearly broke me.

‘A Persona Non Grata’ is certainly packed with extreme fast paced tempos and guitars that shred your face off. It also has been such a rewarding listen, I feel liberated and completely battered by those guitars.

They have retained their original 80s sound but there are elements that have touches of modern layering. It is clean, crisp and fierce, a perfect representation of thrash metal. Exodus has strived and succeeded. I am going to have a cold shower now, as I have a temperature of 1000°.

Persona Non Grata tracklist:
01  Persona Non Grata
02  R.E.M.F
03  Slipping Into Madness
04  Elitist
05  Prescribing Horror
06  The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
07  The Years Of Death And Dying
08  Clickbait
09  Cosa Del Pantano
10  Lunatic-Liar-Lord
11  The Fires Of Division
12  Antiseed

Gary Holt | Guitar
Tom Hunting | Drums
Steve “Zetro” Souza | Vocals
Jack Gibson | Bass
Lee Altus | Guitar

Persona Non Grata, out November 19th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records. Listen: https://exodus.bfan.link/persona-non-…

VISIT THE BAND Website: https://www.exodusattack.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exodusattack

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exodusbando…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExodusAttack

YouTube: https://nblast.de/subs-exodus-yt

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