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Album Review : Once Human – Scar Weaver

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Founded in 2014 by guitarist Logan Mader and vocalist Lauren Hart, Once Human are about to release one of their most advanced and crushing albums to date.

It has been four years since they released their 2017 album ‘Evolution’. They were still finding their feet at this time but still made a positive impression in the scene. ‘Scar Weaver’ is their forthcoming album, due for release in February via earMUSIC.

It’s a huge improvement and holds them in an even stronger position, healthy evidence that showcases Once Human are more powerful and dedicated than ever.

Vocalist Lauren Hart has also grown in confidence with her vocals, progressing versatility and her ranges are intense and super explosive. This soul-shaking, aggressive album demonstrates how hard she has pushed herself. Logan also explained that she has blossomed throughout the last couple of years, her screams have become louder and her cleans have become stronger.

Opening track ‘Eidolon’ blew my brain out of my skull within 2.5 seconds. My face began that weird creepy smile of acceptance and I turned the volume up to maximum dynamics.

The only way to appreciate this sort of heaviness is with maximum amplification, let’s annoy the neighbours a bit. The drum samples are loud and Dillon Trollope holds some decent weight behind his hits, it just slaps you in the face. Bombard the track with some ferocious vocals and sprinkles of sophisticated guitar playing and I think to myself, this album may break me, let’s see.

‘Deadlock’ is relative to politics which has inspired the energy and lyrics behind it. Additional offerings were included from Machine Head’s frontman Robb Flynn; his presence allowed this excellent addition to feel fiercer, bursting with almighty energy. Lauren has expressed her gratitude for Robb’s input and advice, it wouldn’t be the same without his presence.

Title track ‘Scar Weaver’ is slightly slower paced bar the incredible footwork coming from those bass drums, they hit you deeper, harder and are hugely accelerated. The guitars float over the music beautifully and their tones and riffs are simply hypnotising and addictive.

They have combined some controlled tech vibes throughout the album in places, cleverly popping in and out of that stunningly balanced production. ‘Cold Arrival’ is a great example of this and more importantly, it demonstrates Laurens capabilities of all her different ranges. Gliding from pitiful hate to angelic cleans, I feel she really has done herself justice here and it’s equalized perfectly.

One of my favourites alongside title track has to be ‘Where The Bones Lie’. This track is savagely passionate in every section, building further and faster. This passion is charged and very explosive, a montage of variety and styles.

Once Human’s creativity surges in every track in this album and the core sound is defined as simply talent. It’s also technically outstanding and another level of aggression and brutality. All boxes have been checked, the band fully prepared to absolutely blow it out of the water.

This is my first review of 2022 and if this is only the mere start of what’s to come, then 2022 is going to be a year of fabulous releases.

The album is available in digital, CD digipak, black vinyl and limited edition coloured vinyl versions. Pre-order your choice here.

Lauren Hart – Vocals
Logan Mader – Guitars
Max Karon – Guitars
Damian Rainaud – Bass
Dillon Trollope – Drums

Pre-Order the new album here: https://www.ear-music.net/oncehuman

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