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Gig Review : As Everything Unfolds – 25th February Camden Assembly

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Review by Monty Sewell for MPM

The ever changing face of post hardcore comes to a melodic head in the form of checkered rockers As Everything Unfolds.

It’s a packed out night down at the Camden Assembly, as confirmed by a few stragglers swapping tips on how they might be able to blag their way in, a few metres down from the entrance.

Not having been to an As Everything Unfolds gig before, I was sure to ask my ticket bearing mates where the best place to stand would be.

With one of them being an avid mosher and the other an effervescing head banger, I needed to know that if my suspicions were confirmed, I wasn’t about to become a floored mess of notepads and 50p biros.

Snug up against a wall amongst a gargle of eager eyed attendees, the show started bang on time with alluring punker rockers CRASHFACE.

It’s a fantastical mixture of abrasive riffing and anthemic chorus’ that leave no stone unturned when questioning a job almost too well done.

There is a confident intensity seemingly fulled by a passion which I’m sure will drive them to where they want to be.

Their latest single release ‘Arguments’ has a respectable stream count and can be found on all major platforms.

Heriot’ then sends shockwaves through the crowd as an industrial soundscape metal band with a message. A small technical difficulty at the start actually lends well as vocalist/guitarist Debbie Gough re-sound checks her vocal screams acapella. Her high pitched screech grabs the attention of the audience as heads turn and ears tune into immediate focus.

Whilst self described as ‘not for the faint hearted’, Heriots obvious prowess and artistic diligence places them in a very exciting place. A must listen for all metal heads looking for that next bit of devastating gruff.

Minutes before the main act is to take to the stage, the wall I’m leaning up against suddenly gives way. To my embarrassment – and actually downright convenience – it turns out to be the door which As Everything Unfolds are making their grand entrance through.

Immediately recognising their image reviving black, white and red colour palette clothes I take my chance for a quick chat and a setlist grab. Lovely and warm, the band were more than eager for a quick chinwag with vocalist Charlie Rolfe commenting that they were ‘nervous but very, very excited!’.

A dramatic overture plays out for a few minutes, building a growling intensity you only see on that second day festival main stage.

The excitement is anything but ambivalent as the sextet take to the stage one after another before launching into ‘Take Me There’. A mixture of fervent emotion and philanthropic ensnares, it’s a good crowd warmer as they inch forward with every double kick drum thrash.

‘Stranger In The Mirror’ and ‘I’m Not The Only One’ jump out as it becomes obvious As Everything Unfolds have stepped away entirely from their 2018 EP ‘Closure’. The audience love it, with two crowd surfs and one loosen up mosh logged in before the live debuts of ‘One Last Time’ and ‘Let Me Go’ make killer entrances.

The bands mastery live musicianship is evident in the lack of interaction needed between the members. Charlie Rolfe (Vocals) Adam Kerr (lead guitar), Owen Hill (rhythm guitar), George Hunt (bass), Jon Cassidy (synth, programming) and Jamie Gowers (drums) all seem held strong in their own performance and yet as one are perfectly balanced on the scales.

Though Gowers remains hidden behind his attention entailing, axe wielding band mates, his playing is the undeniable anchor of the show. 

As Everything Unfolds’ immersive experience continues with more from their 2021 ‘Within Each Lies The Other’ album. ‘Stay’, ‘Grayscale’, ‘Wallow’ and ‘Hiding From Myself’ are stellar under a raging red bound mist and strobe lighting show. Rolfe is an enticing ring master, goading the crowd  into mosh pits that engulfs the room in wide eyed frenzy.

Whilst the setlist remains a step by step take through of their latest release, As Everything Unfolds treat their attentive fans to a brand new track taken from their upcoming album. ‘Slow Down’ has certainly been chosen well by the group; a strategically placed teaser which from what I can hear, promises the same alternative rock, progressive metal concoction from the next record.

This is followed by their balled-of-sorts number ‘Wither’ before the groups cherry on top finisher ‘On The Inside’ graces us. Their most popular song by streams and opening track from the album, it riles the audience up with a ‘finally, I was worried they wouldn’t play this one!!’ kind of energy which sees all sorts of enraptured movement.

It’s a great show by all means with a genuine gratitude from As Everything Unfolds. They are poised to be upcoming leading figures in the post hardcore game with a forthcoming set at the notorious Download festival amongst others.

Music is nothing without the ability to enjoy it live and with opportunities for anyone to take to the stage growing, it’s become a necessity to bring a memorable performance that draws people back. As Everything Unfolds brought that performance, shot it straight to the top and promised more.

Photography by Jon Theobald for MPM

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