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Album Review : Lawnmower Deth , Blunt Cutters

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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

Having seen Lawnmower Deth a few times over my time of going to live gigs, normally I know what’s coming – thrash, comedic, loud and lairy – political in some instances.

And Blunt Cutters is no exception. 

Returning with an album after 28 years since their last release, Billy, clearly it’s as if Lawnmower Deth never went away. There has been a long wait for Lawnmower Deth to show us a glimmer of new material and for those who love disorderly, comedic, punk fuelled thrash, this is going to be right up your street.

The vocals are a punky, singalong type vibe with the odd roaring shout here and there. No gutturals and this makes for a refreshing take on a new heavy AS album. 

The drums are fast and pounding, with the obligatory double kick beat here and there. Guitars – chug along with their thrash and speed metal counterparts and it just WORKS. 

For an album that isn’t too serious, Lawnmower Deth clearly take their craft unseriously serious… Let that one sink in! 

Into The Pit opens up the album and immediately, no hanging around, we are chucked straight into sharp drums and slashing riffs. “Deth pit, lose your shit. Slip your disc, pain kill death”. Faster than Speedy Gonzalez on a mission, the sheer energy introducing us to Blunt Cutters is a blast to the face.

Bobblehead, Good Morning Phil, Now He’s a Priest are all excellent examples of the highlights of how Blunt Cutters should be viewed. Pure lunacy.

The lyrics are definitely the highlight of this album. There are songs about snails invasions, there are songs about priests. They have a song about car sales and Philip Schofield… This is an album that leaves you wondering if you’ve REALLY just understood the nonsense that is happening. 

 “Raise Your Snails, horns and shells, hail, hail, hail”.

There are catchy choruses, shout along moments of fury, mixed with a bucket load of smirk induced concepts, like the charm of a naughty kid who knows he’s sweet enough to get away with it… and genuinely impressive layers of metal energy. 

And then, just to add another head turn into the mix, the very last track is a total contrast… Agency of C.O.B takes us into a spoken word amalgamation of huge and slabbing riffs, keyboards and orchestral strings.

The concept being futuristic, the end of the world as we know it with the earth being overturned by artificial intelligence. 

If you’re looking to have a right laugh, this is an album to no doubt have in your collection. It teaches us to not take life too seriously all the time, injects a spark of humour whilst welding some SERIOUS metal work. Long awaited, welcome back, guys!

Into the Pit
I Don’t Want To
Bastard Squad
Now He’s A Priest
Good Morning, Phil
Raise Your Snails
Deth! Maim! Kill!
Christ Options
Hell’s Teeth
Blunt Cutters
Space Herpes
Nothing But Noise
Goodnight, Bob
Power Bagging
Agency of C.O.B.


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