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EP Review : Buzzcocks – Senses Out Of Control

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Review by Monty Sewell for MPM

Buzzcocks, There isn’t a square dampened corner on this earth that wouldn’t recognise that title.

In their 46th year as not only a house hold name but as pioneers of the British punk rock emergence, they release ‘Senses Out Of Control’ – a 10 inch, 3 track EP dressed as a prelude to their upcoming album.

With a seemingly unwavering longevity alongside a consistent demand from fans to keep going, every undying, era defining band must feel balanced on their own scales as the world eagerly awaits to see what they do next.

Especially when the loss of such a present figure – as Buzzcocks’ leading man and heart Pete Shelley was – ripples through the community like it did 4 years ago.

But there is no time for stalling when music must be made and the memory of a great man remembered.

With an LP on the way and being in the midst of a hectic UK tour, I was eager to find out if ‘Senses Out Of Control’ was the premonition of many more years of fresh Buzzcocks output. Here’s what drummer Danny Farrant had to say…
“Steve (Diggles) is such a prolific writer. He’s always super hungry to move on, get new stuff out and not stagnate so that’s definitely the case! Fans can look forward to new material and new ideas whilst still respecting Pete’s legacy. I think that’s super important for ourselves and for the fans moving forward.”

So with that being said, ‘Senses Out Of Control’ should be looked through the eyes of eager anticipation for the goodies to follow.

The title track is a no fuss Buzzcocks feast. The succinct roll of Farrant’s drumming is quintessential of the Mancunian punkers, providing the same open scope for strings and voice to layer firmly on top. Diggle’s vocals stick true to the sound that carried them through the decades.

A slight varied intonation is still met with that gust of sharpened oratory through the tracks catchy chorus and purpose-fed words.

The limited edition vinyl then features two exclusive non-album tracks to quench more Buzzcocks thirst.

‘Carnival of Illusion’ plays host to a series of societal reflections- “cancel culture, cancelled outta my time” – proving once again the bands consistency in ‘holding up the mirror’. Featuring some nice bass groundwork from Chris Remington and a thickset Diggle riff, it’s certainly the track worth buying the record for.

The EP is rounded off with ‘Hope Heaven Loves You’. A great finish up with a keen, polished production, its fade out ending only increases intrigue for the material to come.

Earlier this month, Diggles stated in an interview, “We don’t want to be a greatest hits band. It’s got to move on”.  There is no doubt that this is the case. As the times move on, so do the Buzzcocks. In great music, creativity and in respect for their late bandmate and friend, Pete Shelley.

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