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Single Review : Conjurer – It Dwells

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

It is so enthralling to see the big burning circle in the sky, spring is shortly upon us and the birds are singing.

It is a positive focus to consume ourselves with, good ‘ol mother nature. The depressing thoughts can play contradictory roles in our consciousness, especially with all the ongoing negativity around us.

Although proving difficult sometimes, we must try and not absorb these unworthy energies, beat them off with positivity and creativity, doing what makes us feel good and happy. More importantly, we should step up for those that need it most.

A positive fact: 2022 is fast becoming a brilliant evolutionized year for music releases, bands are returning with their most meaningful and emotional material. This also includes UK metal band Conjurer who release their new album, ‘Páthos’ on the 1st of July via Nuclear Blast.

Conjurer are one of the most bracing and noticeable bands in the underground scene, challenging prog and post metal and add layering of sludge and doom metal. You become in awe of their presence and they’ve rightfully earned a lot of respect within the scene.

Following on from their incredible 2018 album ‘Mire’ and 2019’s ‘Curse These Metal Hands’, Conjurer have returned with something new and very bold. ‘It Dwells’ is the first little taster released in preparation for their new upcoming album. It’s a good introduction to their advancing sound and a very personal one.

Opening with an acoustic guitar, the vibes instantly grip you. As it develops it becomes powerful and charged as the vocals take their position and elevate the whole sound. These bounce off the melodies from the guitars with grace and the drums are battering, the overall feel very emotional.

I admire their twists and changes that lead into some heavily down toned twangs and incredible slow-paced riffs and tempos. It is reminiscent of stoner doom but with a Conjurer spin.

It’s a weighty seven minute track and the guitars are most prominent, almost like they are telling the story, I feel totally drawn into their vibe.

There are some advancements to their sound, also adding to the mix is the loud and huge sounding production. They have always played a decent part of technical talent, flawless when projecting their raw creativity which is totally luring and very gripping. Let’s make art, not war.

Listen/Pre-order: https://conjurer.bfan.link/it-dwells.yde





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