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Single Review : My Chemical Romance – ‘The Foundations of Decay.

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

It began as a whisper, a vague hope that a rumour may be true and then the big announcement came: My Chemical Romance are back.

Needless to say, people all over the globe lost their minds, but the big question remained as to whether this was a phoenix-like resurrection from the flames or just a reheat to try and capture the old glory.

This new single answers that very loud and proud, the band sounding as fired up as they ever were and ready to regain their dark crown.

The band do what they do best, draw you in as you hang on a knife edge, the feeling of disquiet hanging like a shroud heavy upon your shoulders as the tendrils of the gentle beginning reach out.

Things then explode into the thrilling chorus, Gerard Way sinking his teeth into the lyrics and the guitars lash and the drums and bass thunder.

This quiet then loud pattern runs through the song until it reaches a crescendo of magisterial Led Zeppelin meets Ghost style riffing, the vocals snarling and seething as the music punches straight in the face.

It’s a tumultuous ride and one that will make the hearts of the faithful explode with unrestrained joy, winning new converts who always heard what the fuss was about but never really ‘got’ it. Bold, ballsy and rammed with self-confidence and a disturbing unbridled power, ‘The Foundations of Decay’ may well be the comeback of the century.

The Foundations of Decay by My Chemical Romance is now available: https://MCR.lnk.to/thefoundationsofdecay

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