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Album Review : Rammstein , Zeit

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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM,

We all know that when it comes to Rammstein’s irrefutable reputation that you should always expect the unexpected.

With over 2 years since the German powerhouse last release, new offering Zeit, meaning  “Time”, brings forth a more eclectic, almost delicate flavour to what we are used to visioning in Rammstein’s mega vibes.

The vibe here is much more of a reflection of events, emotions and the space over the unfolding events of what the last two years have brought. 

The eighth full-length offering from the band bursts eleven songs of which the title track stood as the first release. Opening with Armee Der Tristen (Army of the Dreary), which introduces us to the journey of this album in a trance of riffs and synths and talks to us in riddles of warfare and paints of expression:

“Hand in hand, never alone again… (Come with me)

Hand in hand, no looking back

Come on, we are closing our ranks

Marching in lockstep against luck.”

Zeit (Time), the album’s title track, starts with, dare we believe it, softer vibes and gentle pianos… before really launching into an ethereal melody which really gives this track more balads than anything we’ve heard from Rammstein before. 

Second single Zick Zack, a much more familiar-esque mood with the choppy, chuggy riffs and industrial catchy synths with a message that critiques cosmetic surgery and society’s craving for eternal youth. 

“Tick tock, tick tock, you’re getting old”

This was accompanied by a satire music video released where Rammstein are an aging band resorting to heavy cosmetics to keep relevant in the limelight – and end up with melted faces and distorted imaging. Perhaps depicting that nothing last forever?

Zick Zack

Not every track offers melancholy doom and gloom though.

OK and Angst (Fear) come as a couple of the album highlights for me. Keeping momentum, astounding heavy riffing and rolling drums – yet OK opens with a churchly choir manner. The latter outlines a concept of the fear of the unknown:

“And the fear grows into the night

Not a wink of sleep at all

The back’s wet, the hands clammy

Everyone is afraid.”

This is accompanied with an utter MOOD of evil riffs and chugging melodies. This one is a sure headbanger – probably my favourite on the album.

Rammstein – Angst (Official Video)

A mix of serious themes, to songs about plastic surgery and boobs, some delicate ballads to utter rollercoaster of riffs and heavy as hell twists, Rammstein’s Zeit is skillful and presentation is often paired with sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek analysis of today’s society.

Their eighth offering never differs too much from their signature sound but is still more than capable of throwing in the odd shocker.

Album conclusion Adeiu relays the melancholic vibe the album soaks into us in places. But somehow… isn’t sad. It’s like a fond farewell to an old friend that you know will come back in time. 

“Adieu, goodbye, see you again!

You have to go the last way alone

One last song, one last kiss

No miracle will happen

Adieu, goodbye, see you again!

I had a nice time with you.”

This may speculate some talk amongst Rammstein fans on what their intentions are relating to the span of their music career… though, personally, I feel this cliffhanger and the short, sharp stop right at the end leaves room for more pages to write in the history of Rammstein…

Track Listing

  1. Armee der Tristen (Army of the Dreary)
  2. Zeit (Time)
  3. Schwarz (Black)
  4. Giftig (Posionous)
  5. Zick Zack (Zig Zag)
  6. OK
  7. Meine Trönen (My Tears)
  8. Angst (Fear)
  9. Dicke Titten (Big T!ts)
  10. Lügen (Lies)
  11. Adieu (Goodbye)

Album: https://rammstein.lnk.to/Zeit

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