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Single Review : Seething Akira – Punishment Instructions

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Energy bombs Seething Akira are making all the right noises in the UK underground music scene. After releasing a handful of singles throughout 2021, they then proceeded with their second album release ‘Dysfunctional Wonderland’.

They set a high bar of standard with this album, which resulted in a vast amount of positive feedback, this has allowed them to become more established with their unique take on their nu metal sound.

Their energy is without doubt, colossal. Having witnessed them perform the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock last year, they really did leave me absolutely stumped. It is not often I get lost with words but I was wide mouthed and partly in shock.

They were a huge marker for me at the festival and I don’t think I will ever forget that, what an accomplishment.

They have been going from strength to strength since, having made their appearance at the Heavy Music Awards 2022, are fresh off the stage at Download and will be showing their beautiful faces at this year’s Techfest.

‘Punishment Instructions’ is their latest single released via the multi-genre music label, FiXT. It’s an exciting listen as their sound feels slightly more advanced and built inwards. A new chapter for the Portsmouth group as they prepare for a new album later this year.

‘Punishment Instructions’ is an expression of loss and hope due to uncontrollable actions of others, the side effects of when these immoral actions are resisted. Hopes, wishes, desires, everything positive and everything negative.

Every single lyric they express in everything they create has a higher, deeper meaning, read between the lines. These fellas know exactly what they are talking about, banana jams man!

‘Punishment Instructions’ is yet another great concoction of electronics that are merged with some bouncing mixes and shredding metal. I admire their rebellious attitude too, just stick your finger up and off you go, brilliant perspective.

Seething Akira is ready to demolish everything in their way again as they begin another journey of releasing another bunch of singles in preparation for their new album later this year. Squeak! If you can go check them out, honestly do, you won’t be left disappointed.

Live Dates:
10th June Download Festival, Donington
17th June 6K Fest, Liege, Belgium
1st July Techfest, Newark Showground, Newark
15th July Dropout Kings, The Joiner Arms, Southampton
31st July, Amplified Festival, Rebellion, Manchester
6th August, Hammerdown Festival, The Venue, Worthing


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