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Japanese Nu-metal band CHOKE unleashes music video and announces new album

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Japanese Nu-metal band CHOKE unleashed the music video for “Crisis Phase”, which serves as a prelude for their long-awaited new album “CHOKE3” coming this fall.

The band has been defying the limits of genres with their experimental music, staying true to themselves with every release.

“Crisis Phase”, written and composed by vocalist/rapper REON, can be described as the outcome of the great impact of Trap Metal in CHOKE’s style over the years. Although is simpler compared with all previous works, it integrates heavy details resulting in a trap song with explosive energy.

Artists such as Ghostemane and Scarlxrd have been expanding Trap Metal throughout the underground scene and taking it into a new form of extreme music in recent years. Since this style was born out of elements from Nu-Metal and Industrial Metal, it was natural for CHOKE to take influence from it.

This time, guitarist KVYA NONO (who has been the composer of all the songs released so far), was only in charge of the arranging and mixing, entrusting all the composing to rapper REON. This is only one of the positive changes in the direction that the band has been taking.

In addition to the music video for “Crisis Phase”, the band announced the release of a new album after three years, “CHOKE3”. This will come out in October 2022 and, like its sold-out predecessor, it’s expected to be in high demand.

The band will be celebrating their 5th anniversary with the event “BEEF” on August 5 in Tokyo, featuring a line-up of unique aggressive acts that aligns with CHOKE’s style.

CHOKE has just unveiled the tip of the iceberg of what “CHOKE3” will be like. Stay tuned to see the whole scenario that the new album will portray!

CHOKE is an emerging nu-metal band from Japan. They started with the overall goal of creating a unique sound by mixing rap metal with djent. Their experimental music, nevertheless, does not stick to only one genre and it’s constantly evolving.

The band has incorporated into their sound hardcore, trapcore, metalcore, thrash, and groove metal influences. CHOKE offers a peculiar dissonant blend of heavy music with a hip-hop rhythm. The vocals combine clear rapping with low growls and piercing screams.

Harsh and edgy lyrics regularly express social criticism and dogma rejection. CHOKE fires up the listeners to speak up their minds and tear the world apart!

CHOKE started activities in the underground scene of Tokyo in 2007, being the first rap-metal band in the area. They have been conducted as a self-produced artist since their formation. Their works are proof that CHOKE are not here to follow patterns but to create their own path.

Official Sites
Homepage: http://choke.tokyo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDOWcdZEzCe_2dOExp67cg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/choke.tokyo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CHOKEofficialEN
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/choke.tokyo
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3nB4onR
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3i6Nw7e
Online store: https://choke-world.stores.jp

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