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Single Review : Minus Satellite – Mechanical Waves and Forte

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Review by Andy Hawes for MPM

Minus Satellite are a new name to me, but this new track, the video for which has been released on 8.7.22, certainly ticks a lot of boxes!

The sound of this particular track can perhaps best be summed up in the phrase ‘Modern Post-Grunge Alternative Heavy Rock, ‘ although how helpful a label that is I’m not really sure. Basically, if you’re into the melodic side of modern Alternative Heavy Rock, then this track will be right up your alley!

Opening with powerful, yet delicate chiming echoed guitar chords, Mechanical Waves displays a delightfully melancholic lead vocal from guitarist/vocalist Adam Mortaro which almost caresses the subtle verse and chorus melodies, with subtle harmonies adding weight to the hooks in all the right places.

The drums (by Chris Blease) provide a solid, powerful groove, with interesting patterns weaving around the melodies before the guitars and bass (courtesy of Adam Milton) slam in with the huge distorted chords for the second chorus, at which point the vocals take on an anguished and almost desperate edge to the melancholic themes.

Minus Satellite make a powerful lot of noise for a three-piece. Their application of the classic Grunge ‘quiet-loud’ model sits perfectly in their very up-to-date take on the Alternative Rock theme. The combination of subtle melody and huge slabs of colossal guitar power is excellent and make this track very well worth checking out!

If this track appeals to you, for goodness sake check out their first single, Forte, (released back in May 2022) which displays a more aggressive sound, especially in the vocals, which skilfully combine melody and screaming to great effect.

Opening with a psychotic howl of guitar feedback and screaming vocal, the track morphs into what I can only describe as a heavier version of what bands like Lifehouse used to do, with an almost Alice In Chains vocal vibe before those screaming vocals drag you back into a mire of psychotic nightmare. With a bang up-to-date production and guitar-heavy mix, Forte demands to be played LOUD and often.

On the strength of Mechanical Waves and Forte, Minus Satellite are definitely a band to watch if you’re into this kind of thing. Powerful, melodic and screamy in all the right measure, these tracks are the perfect introduction to the band and I for one look forward to hearing more.

Forté by @Minussatellite via Rinato Recordings Stream & download: http://minussatellite.com/

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