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Cynosure talks to Tammy Lomax at Bloodstock 2022

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Three hand-crafted stunning guitars that have been built by the amazingly talented Cynosure for this year’s Bloodstock. I was very lucky to grab him quickly for a chat, this guy is an incredible talent.

Tammy – I am here on behalf of Metal Planet music and I am here with the lovely Oli aka Cynosure. He built these incredible guitars with his bare hands. How are you doing ?

Cynosure – I am fantastic, how are you doing?

Tammy – I am doing very well thank you. How have you enjoyed Bloodstock so far ?

Cynosure – Fantastically, it is absolutely hot though, I am melting at the moment, just like the wicked witch in, what is that film with Dorothy ?

Tammy – The Wizard Of Oz?

Cynosure – The Wizard Of Oz, there we are.

Tammy – So let’s talk about the hand built guitars?

Cynosure – Yes I built 3 guitars this year, 2 Iron Maiden guitars, one basically focusing on the main album artwork cover, the other is the limited edition box set album artwork. The third guitar is inspired by Robbie Matthews the artist, he designed an album cover for Hawkwind and Live album and is essentially my physical manifestation of that graphic.

Tammy – What inspired you to hand build guitars ? Do you play?

Cynosure – I do play. So for me, it was the natural progression to understand the mechanics of a guitar. So for about a year I did some research on how to build guitars, the different woods, the different wood combinations, the qualities of the wood, the tools I needed to create. So from that point, I designed my first guitar in 2012 and I have been going strong for the last 10 years.

Tammy – So do you have any guitars for next year, are you allowed to tap into that ?

Cynosure – I have ceased all productions on all guitars to be fair, due to timing and I am moving in more managerial endeavours but I shall be continuing in the RAM gallery just in different mediums.

Tammy – Awesome! Have you had a lot of tours to do over the Bloodstock weekend?

Cynosure – Too many. My feet are rather tired at the moment and my voice is a little croaky.

Tammy – So let’s talk a bit more about Bloodstock, best band for you so far that you have seen?

Cynosure – Best band I have seen, probably I would say Behemoth only due to the theatrics. I have enjoyed a lot of bands this year, Dark Funeral, Venom Ink who are one of my favourites and obviously Machine Head, the mystery band. I haven’t seen too many, I have been rather busy with the gallery.

Tammy – Yes of course, those thousands of tours. So what sort of music do you play?

Cynosure – My favourite type of music to play is the hardest type of music to play, it’s what they call neoclassical. It is essentially using classical music but reinterpreting it and trans modifying it onto an electric guitar. So essentially, it is utilising a lot of classical theory and applying it to a very modern contemporary machine.

Tammy – Do you play any of the guitars that you made ?

Cynosure – I do not because I don’t hang onto my creative guitars and the reason is because I need to make money so that is the only reason. I don’t have them in my house or anything like that.

Tammy – Will you be auctioning them off ?

Cynosure – I do not do auctions, mainly because I am too upper class for auctions. They are generally commissioned.

Tammy – No guitars next year but we will still see you around ?

Cynosure – No guitars next year but I will be working in the RAM gallery doing other things.

Tammy – Thank you for speaking with me today, although short and sweet, it’s been an absolute pleasure to grab you for a moment, thank you.

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