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Album Review : Megadeth “The Sick, The Dying…. And The Dead

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Review by Paddy Gallagher for MPM

“Bring out your dead………..Bring out your dead……….”

Has it really been 6 years since “Dystopia”? In a dangerous, volatile era, a new Megadeth album is a most heaven-sent way to lock out the world and de-stress.

Dave Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro’s riffage and soloing interplay, Dirk Verbeuren’s pounding drums, the throbbing basslines re-recorded by legend of the low-end Steve Di Georgio, (to be played on tour by newly appointed returning bassist James LoMenzo) and that iconic snarl that invokes images of a curled upper lip; yip, Megadeth are firing on all cylinders.

After a few listens “The Sick, The Dying…. And The Dead!” is a hell of a strong statement from the band. Not just your pedal to the metal Thrash Metal album, the Megamasters are on fire.

The haunting lament of “Bring out your dead……bring out your dead” introduces the album and title track; the eerie sound of children in a playground at the start of “Dogs of Chernobyl” followed by the lightly picked guitar merging to concussive riffs with Dirk putting in a phenomenal performance in on the drumkit. This is METAL! No pretenders!

I’m not quite sure of where “Junkie” fits, not a bad song by any means, it’s placing at song 6 providing a slight drop in momentum, a subliminal halfway breather to the listener before Dirk cranks it up again in the 1 minute 20 seconds of “Psychopathy”.

His contribution to this album cannot be ignored. A breath of fresh air to the band. The military cadence of “I got no job, but I got long hair” at end of “Soldier On!” showing a sense of mega-humour.

There’s a wee nod to the past, the words “rust in peace” during Mission to Mars and a possible (to these ears) “Black Friday” influence on “We’ll be Back” along with a smidgen of “Tornado of Souls” and some “Peace Sells…”?? No harm, it’s a ferocious way to conclude the album. And not only should peace sell, if there’s any justice and taste in the world so should “The Sick, The Dying…. And The Dead!”

Covers of “This Planet’s on Fire (Burn in Hell)” with a cameo by Mr Sammy Hagar and The Dead Kennedy’s “Police Truck” are on the iTunes download for the completists but their omission from the disc doesn’t detract.

This is Megadeth, let them pummel you; let them rattle your head! This is a monumental addition to their studio album arsenal!

At this stage in his career, 16 albums in, it’s testament to the talent of Dave Mustaine to come up with mouth-watering riffs to the high standards contained here.

After his health battles, band upheavals and a global pandemic and by surrounding himself with musicians of the calibre he has, this could very well be another Grammy winner for Megadeth. It should at least be in any Metal fan’s Top 3 albums of 2022!

The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead!

1) The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!
2) Life In Hell
3) Night Stalkers (feat. Ice T)
4) Dogs Of Chernobyl
5) Sacrifice
6) Junkie
7) Psychopathy
8) Killing Time
9) Soldier On!
10) Celebutante
11) Mission To Mars
12) We’ll Be Back
13) Police Truck *
14) This Planet’s On Fire (Burn In Hell) (feat. Sammy Hagar) *

  • (digital only)

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