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Album Review : Monster Truck – Warriors

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Review by Richard Henry for MPM

This is the Hamilton, Ontario bands 4th album, the band has done the rounds covering a sound based on Southern/Blues Rock with a bit of hard rock thrown in, with the sudden departure of drummer Steve Kiely there is a new drummer Theo McKibben in the band, the band kick off a tour in the U.K on September 29th through to October 17th so make sure and go check them out! Now to the album!

Track 1 – Warriors

Track 1 – Warriors
Nice sludgy riff kicking us off with a nice harmony guitar part, now i immediately seen the name and heard this track and thought of Volbeat, “All for One and Onefor All” is the call before we enter the chorus, a strong start to the album, it has that southern vibe to it, much like 90s Corrosion of Conformity, nice solo, and then back into the chorus, very singalong and i would assume this will be the opening track on the tour!

Track 2 – Fuzz Mountain
Back into the 70s, Sabbath vibes straight away on this one, loving this track, plenty to catch your ear, great chorus with multiple vocals and harmonies, nice solo again, more textured than an out and out solo but it actually adds to the song, then a really cool break into the last solo, this one will absolutely stick in your head, loved this track!

Track 3 – Golden Woman
Tempo has kicked up for this, its nearly like a texas boogie in overdrive, now i have to say, the chorus could be Chad from Nickelback, it really has that vibe, no bad thing, it will stick with you, driving is the word for this song, i think in a way this song missed a solo to split it up a bit and it does get a bit samey near the end, never less a great uptempo number!

Track 4 – Live Free
Huge sounding, this a track that could be Black Label Society and Nickelbacks love child,still maintaining that 70s sound, but with no mistake the chorus is massive, a really well put together track, now this track does have a classic solo in the middle, it doesnt outstay its welcome and gets in and out before yet again hitting that huge chorus, outstanding track!

Track 5 – Country Livin
Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Outlaws, yeah this is the one track that could totally be on one of their albums, more modern sounding but this 100% harks to those bands, as a fan of Southern Rock this is an absolute banger, slide guitar, whiskey drinking and a huge chorus, what more could you want!

Track 6 – Get My Things and Go
Texas Boogie territory again, Reverend Billy G would be proud of this song, this is like a heavier ZZ top, nice vocal adding falsetto into the chorus, this is a real driver of a track, dirty gritty guitar solo which matches the attitude of the song, love it!!

Track 7 – Love & Time
A slow driving track, with a nice verse with breaks to really showcase the vocal, and then the harmony vocals come in which are executed superbly, not overdone but in the right spot, the song doesnt lack being heavy but there is melody all over the place on it, really solid track!

Track 8 – I Got A Feeling
This is the most rocky track on the album, opening with what will be a great sing along moment live,driving all the way through and the same singalong part at the start comes up again in the chorus, something that will be fantastic live for audience participation, this is the song of the album for me!

Track 9 – Wild Man
Another uptempo boogie number, and yet again another song that reminds me of that other Canadian band, the vocals and melodies on this album are really well done and yet again this song showcases that,loving the middle section with the breaks for solos, the unison guitar lines are so well done and then back to our chorus screaming “Im a Wild one”, great track!

Track 10 – Still Got The Fire
Album closer brings the tempo down a bit but again we have a great track mixing a definate 70s vibe with a more modern feel to the vocals and the production, a lot of sing along around the chorus which yet again is very stong

A solid album of mostly 70s and Southern Rock feel, but i cannot shake off that Nickelback vibe on a lot of the tracks, not that its a bad thing but its certainly there!

A solid 8/10, maybe lacks a bit of variety on the tracks

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