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Red Method talks to Sheri at Bloodstock 2022

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Red Method – a force of nature continually storming our metal community lately. 

Having seen them grow from strength to strength over the years, the delivery of For The Sick in the midst of the world’s virus and the release of Re-Works with a darker twist, some of us here at MetalPlanetMusic were delighted to see these guys grab that deserved main stage slot at Bloodstock this year.

I caught up with J, Stefan, David and Quin for a chat and insight into what’s in store for the new devils on London’s block.

*Jeremy is on the phone speaking in Spanish*

Stefan: That sound…

Sheri: It’s Llanito, no? Haha.

David: Only Jeremy can get away with a made up language.

Sheri: Haha. Intense!

Stefan: For this interview, Jeremy. Any questions that Sheri asks, can you do it in Gibraltarian?

Jeremy: Eh you want Spanish? Haha. 

Stefan: Just do it like that so people have to translate it haha!

Sheri: HI GUYS!


Sheri: Here we are at Bloodstock! You’ve literally just come off main stage and I know this is so – wow.

Jeremy: We are f*cking buzzing, man. This is like a dream come true. You know me, we’ve grafted the band from the bottom up and to be on that stage it’s a hell of a difference.

Sheri: You all look like you’re buzzing!

Jeremy: I think that we were shocked at you know, it being 10:45am and seeing all the die hard fans just THERE and a wall of death at 11am and a circle pit – it was just bananas!


Stefan: That is gonna be with word for every interview…bananas.

Jeremy: Well you know they’re telling us usually the first band is very hard to get it going as everyone is either hungover or late or… it’s early you know. But the feedback has been spectacular! 

Sheri: It’s been killer!


Red Method: EL PUTA MADRE!! Hahaha.

Sheri: I know I saw you guys at Uprising lately and you said then that you were working towards more material and stuff so are we still expecting something towards the end of the year?

Stefan: Yeah there’s no definite timeline but that’s the goal for the rest of this year is to finish off the album and begin chapter two!

Jeremy: I think there’s gonna be quite a few modifications done to the band and that’s just the natural process that sometimes unfortunately you gotta go through. But then through that, we’re gonna start you know, going for the second record. Time everything and making sure that this is the one that’s gonna blow people apart you know. So that’s where we are, we’re gonna put our heads down for a bit of time, a few months, at least until Christmas and then bring you know, this to the next level.

Sheri: You guys have been grafting, this last year especially. You’ve been literally storming the place.

David: It’s been worth all the travelling and all the ups and downs. 

Sheri: And of course you now have Mr Stefan who has stitches across his face at the moment.

Stefan: Mr Stefan – that’s my business name. You’re not meant to call me that anymore. That’s between us! 

OH MY GOD – the other night right, I got like 10 voice notes from Sheri just singing to me. It was a beautiful time.

Sheri: Oh yeah! A bit of American Pie and all sorts.

Stefan: Literally…probably my favourite memory. Yeah, we’ve played Bloodstock but… Sheri serenading me for three hours…

Sheri: When’s your next show at the minute?

Jeremy: When do you think it is? Hahaha!

Red Method: OOOOOH YEAH!

Sheri: Ohhh. We’re (Rabidfest) your next one??

Red Method: You know!!

Jeremy: You’ve sorted all the headliners, no? 

Sheri: Aye, just a couple more announcements!

Jeremy: So we’re gonna put a lot of effort into that one. That one’s gonna be amazing. When we were in Oxford last time, it was absolutely ridiculous. I can’t wait to return.

Sheri: You guys are our like… resident band haha

Dave: Yeaaaah! 

Jeremy: We got one in Northampton the day after with Harbinger so they’re supporting us and probably you know, end of November/December is just finishing off bits of the record and see where we’re going with it as we’ve had some major record interests. So we’re gonna see where it goes and if it fits our journey, we’ll take them with us and if not, then we wont!

Sheri: I’ll keep an eye out for that. Are you planning on a tour next year?

Jeremy: Well Bloodywood have been saying they want to perhaps do something with us.

David: I think it’s about time! We’ve been watching them, they’ve been watching us from afar you know…

Jeremy: Cuz you know, Meta-stasis our previous band, we went to India and they heard of us there and I’ve been in contact with Jayant (vocalist) a little bit and they like what we’re doing, we like what they’re doing so we might do something with them.

Sheri: That would be absolutely killer.

Jeremy: There is something that I can’t say right now which is massive. I can’t say, it’s way too early but if we did get that…we’ll talk once you hang up haha.

Sheri: If you guys got that… that would be insane! I am soooo proud of you!

Red Method: F*CK YES!!!!

Jeremy: There were a few other friends of ours that were like “OH I WAS CRYING” It was… I wont forget that.

Sheri: Quin, YOU are a machine! You’re proper into it.

Jeremy: He’s the excel workbook and spreadsheet of this band and everything turns out great haha.

Sheri: Well I’ll keep it short and sweet as I know you have other people to talk to. Thank you so much for talking to me as ever!

Red Method: Thank you Sheri. EL PUTA MADRE. We love you!

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