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Album Review: Seething Akira – NOZOMI

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

After a climax of excellence with their second album release ‘Dysfunctional Wonderland’, Seething Akira have unleashed their third album ‘NOZOMI’ via the multi-genre music label, FiXT.

The Portsmouth group is a bonfire energy source and brings it every time. They have delivered a prodigious, evolved sound to ‘NOZOMI’ and it is splendid.

There is an expansion of electronics and mixes, combined with some heavy fluxes of guitars and explosive loud drums.

You have to give them respect for what they’ve rolled out, they are militant with their momentum. There is an array of flexibility and assortment within every track on the album. Similar to a fingerprint, every single one has its own personal indentation.

We learn from the experiences we endure in life, every lyric in this album feels like it resembles all of these experiences and how we feel towards them. The sextet hits the nail on the head every time and with only rageful passion, it’s bursting.

‘Internal Agonist’ what an absolute scorcher. This track literally belts you in the face at every angle. Opening with sentiment statements from the harmonic cleans, the moment the bouncy riff takes position, core, I summoned my metal demon. Everything just stomps, pure filth face when the dnb mix comes in, after beating us with some glorious metal. Oh my days the cat has got the cream, it’s completely superior.

This alongside ‘Punishment Instructions’ are my favourites. The girth is strong in these ones.

My overall perspective is I feel they have gone a bit romantic with this album in places, especially with tracks ‘Lost At Sea’ and ‘Reason To Breathe’. Now it’s not all fluff balls, at all and don’t take my word for it, check ‘NOZOMI’ out.


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