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Album Review: Troy Redfern ‘The Wings of Salvation’.

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Review by Maria Glover for MPM

Troy Redfern has released his sixth album in 2 years and he shows no signs of letting up on his rise to eminence. In fact, many are saying this is his best album yet so I’m so excited to have a listen to ‘The Wings of Salvation’.

With a driving beat and commanding presence, ‘Gasoline’ has a blissful warmth and diaphanous depth. The vocals really stand out and they are divine. A tantalising guitar solo and this is an unmistakeably fantastic start to the new album that has whet my appetite nicely.

‘Sweet Carolina’ incorporates piano, keys, banjo and a boatload of guitar in a joyously bluesy 3 minutes 53 seconds. The guitar solo is scintillating; I cannot find a better word that describes enough how much I love it. And the chorus has pervaded my thoughts all day now. Think blues, glam and hard rock all rolled into a droplet of heaven. This is a commercially friendly southern rock floor filler.

‘Come On’ is a sublime exemplar of blues-rock, with a banging beat and definitive catchy hook that will stay in my head for days. There is a raw and organic feel to the track and the vocals lure you in with an intensity which is outstanding. It’s almost tribal in strength and passion. I love me a bit of T-Rex and I’m hearing echoes here and there in this track.

‘Navajo’ is incredibly feelgood and inspiring, a chugging track with an authentic wild west vibe. It’s evocative and powerful, the lyrics honest and profound.

Prepare to have your heart ripped out by ‘Mercy’ in a slower song that retains the force and passion, and garners a snarl of the lips as Redfern pours out his heart. The organ adds another dimension and this track surges into life before me.

‘Dark Religion’ is darker, more sinister and suspenseful. It’s almost unsettling but in the best way, as it simmers with menace throughout. The guitar work is clean and pristine, the vocals aflame with passion and emotion. A wonderfully shadowy and sombre tale, this is one of my songs of the album.

In complete contrast, ‘Profane’ is frantic, break-neck speed. This is the closest the album comes to the sound of previous albums.

There are a lot of topographies to ‘Down’ and it takes a couple of listens to unpick it all. Somehow it is a perfect and volatile blend of southern, blues, primal, and fast and furious, and springs forth new discoveries on every listen.

‘Heart & Soul’ is anthemic, pure, strong and uninhibited blues. The vocals are raspy, the whole song exquisite.

There’s a new slide guitar king about to be crowned and all competitors better watch out. Redfern looks and sounds like a rock star in its purest form. Written in just 5 weeks and peppered with amp’ed slide guitar and ravishing solos I am impressed.

Redfern’s prowess on slide guitar is evident and he has proven himself to be a talented and original artist to watch. As well as the undeniable beauty of the guitar solos, the lyrics are evocative and the vocals smooth and poignant.

Sweet Carolina
Come On
Can’t Let Go
Dark Religion
Heart & Soul


Standouts: Come On, Dark Religion, Heart & Soul

Find out more at the website https://troyredfern.com/

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