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Gig Review: Amorphis / Eluveitie / Dark Tranquility / Nailed To Obscurity – 22-11-2022 The Academy, Dublin

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Review and Photography : Stephen Brophy for MPM

When first seeing the lineup for this show I initially thought there must have been some mistake, It\s a co-headlining Tour for Amorphis and Eluveitie but in reality Dark Tranquility are another headline band in a support slot and openers Nailed To Obscurity are certainly no slouches either, besides the latter two also having been in Dublin earlier in the year, but hey it was just excitement after that, this show was added to the diary straight away. Top class lineup.

It was great to see Nailed to Obscurity back in Dublin so quickly after making their Irish debut earlier in the year on the Dark Tranquility bill. Once again the guits put in a really good set that was well received and all too short.

Their particular brand of doomy Death Metal is a nice variation on norm and the melodic elements add something extra to the sound. Judging by their reaction on both visits this year I think they will return here whenever they can.

Really good start to the night that is packed with quality and for me “Liquid Mourning” was the stand out track.

It may have raised an eyebrow or two when Dark Tranquility were added to this show as a support band, after all they did headline the same venue earlier in the year, but there certainly wasn’t anyone complaining.

The Swedes were fantastic in April and tonights short but sharp set includes a track “Cathode Ray Sunshine” being played for the first time ever on this Tour, which was nice to hear in a mix of old and new tracks.

There is no doubting that this is one class band with the aility to switch seamlessly betwwn old and newer material, with the packed floor is now lapping up.

It’s great to see full venues again and music lifting peoples spirits. Closing with the familiar “Misery’s Crown” really did just leave people wanting more and I have a feeling they’ll be arranging a return trip as they figured out in April why had it taken so long for them to get over here.

When any band consists of nine members you wonder where they are going to fit on a club stage, but no issues for Eluveitie it’s nothibng new to them and with a combination of risers and precision they move around with ease as if it’s an Arena.

For me they were on it from the very start, be it the grittier, darker vocal of Chrigel or the soaring and stunning voice of Fabienne this is a set that just flows and mixes perfectly. In fact it flies in, and there is always something to take your eyeline when you have a large number of talented musicians.

When Fabienne takesto the stage solo for the wonderfully haunting “Anu” it is definitely a moment where you could hear a pin drop. Everyone in the band has a part to playwith the most recent recruit Annie Riediger took center stage at time with her Hurdy Gurdy, an instrument that you see infrequently it’s always interesting for me to hear it and see how it is integrated with a bands music.

The band certainly put in a hard shift, be it guitars, drums, bass, , violin, whistles, bagpipes, harp or anything else, it\s a set full or passion, and an ebb and flow that goes down very well as I look around the venue, heads moving, lots of jumping around in the middle.

I’m sure their brand of Celtiic/Folk at times Melodic Death Metal doesn’t hit everyone, but there is no doubting Eluveitie are very good at what they do, and for me at this time they are right on toip of their game.

This is an excellent set with the tracks from new album Exile Of The Gods sounding great and for me “Aidus” also one of the new songs has a great blend of styles and really stood out. As the band close their set to mutually happy reaction from crowd and band it’s been great to see them again back in Ireland.

As the lights dim it’s time for the final band of the night Finland’s mighty Amorphis take to the stage, making a very welcome return to these shiores.

It’s quite clear that the crowd have been really looking forward to this set and the band certainly didn’t disappoint. Of course everyone has their personal favourite songs by any band, but it’s great to be in any venue where the crowd are singing the lyrics of multiple bands, for me “Death Of A King” is one that sticks in the brain long after I’ve heard it, Tonight we get twelve songs in total, doesn’t sound like much but when the songs are of the quality that Amorphis play it it flies by in a joyous way.

Besides the majority of their songs are 5-6 minutes in length. Have never thought the band fall neatly into any category and live it’s no different, there’s elements of many different styles, and it’s something I think I’m not alone in loving. The melody holds as much importance as the heaviness, the prog elements also stand up to bring a different element to the music, live this is kind of brilliant and ensures that the balance of old and new material feels right.

Such a great variety of songs among the ones included tonight, Musically the bands never seems to put a foot wrong, be it chugging riffs, soaring guitars or melodies flowing from the keyboards it’s a pleasure to listen to.

The tracks from this years Halo album fit in perfectly and I think everyone would have stayed for another hour if that were possible, the crowd chorus during excellent closer “House Of Sleep” is great and it’s a great but sad way to end the evening’s entertainment, please come back soon Amorphis, with a full headline set 2-3 hrs should do, weel you have to dream..

The only downside of having such a strong lineup with 4 bands is that the sets all have to be fitten into the evening and you can’t have those sets as long as we would all like.

That being said this was a cracking night of Metal, nothing repetetive bands that play different styles and all of them to a high standard, hell of a way to spend a Tuesday night and this being the final DME Promotions show of the year a great way to sign off 2022, and many thanks to them for continuing to put on these great shows..

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