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How to Honour Lemmy’s Memory

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Has there ever been anybody who has embodied rock and roll more than Lemmy Kilmister? There are a lot of pretenders in rock music, but if there was one person who was as authentic as they come, it was the Motörhead frontman.

The UK singer was so much more than another rockstar; he was someone who took life by the horns and rode it until the very end. He died in 2015, aged 70, having lived a fantastic life.

But his memory lives on, and we think it’s important that we honour him at every chance we can get. Here, we’ll run through some ideas for keeping his rock and roll spirit alive. 

Play Your Songs Loud

You have to imagine that Lemmy played music often and played it loud. There’s a time and space for reflection and keeping things civil and polite, but if you’re going too long without blasting your music at full volume and letting go, then eventually, you’ll lose something. Whether it’s in the car, at the gym, or just when you’re at home, play that music on full volume — it’s what Lemmy would have wanted and certainly what he did. 

The Ace of Spades Life

Lemmy’s standout track was “Ace of Spades”, the classic metal track of 1980. The subject matter was something that he was more than happy to bring into his regular life, too.

He wasn’t only one of the most famous and recognisable rock musicians on the planet but also one of the most famous celebrity card players and gaming enthusiasts.

Did you know that he used to take slot machines on tour with him? It’s probably not feasible for you to transport a slot machine to your place of work, but you can consider using a casino bonus offer and play from home instead. It’ll be the ideal way to ease yourself into Lemmy’s rock and roll energy that is so evident on “Ace of Spades”.

Hit The Rainbow

Some people buy a house and find their favourite local watering hole. Lemmy found a bar and then moved to be closer to it. People who have even just a passing understanding of Lemmy know that his home away from home was The Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood.

It was his daily hangout spot, and so much so that when he died, the bar placed a statue of Lemmy in the corner. If you ever find yourself in West Hollywood, then be sure to pay a visit and spend some time in the dive bar that has Lemmy’s energy written all over it. 

Follow His Wisdom

Some people seem to think that Lemmy was all rock and roll hedonism. But that’s not true. He showed time and time again that he was a thoughtful and wise individual. Indeed, take a read of some of his most celebrated thoughts and ideas, and you’ll surely learn something insightful from the great man. One of his greatest lines is only seven words long, but it sure does pack a powerful punch: “born to lose, live like a winner.” You might be the underdog in the great game of life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for that status. Reach for the stars! 

Play as Lemmy

More than a fair few of us wish that we could live a life as spectacular as Lemmy’s. While you can’t be the great man, you can at least play as him. How? By playing GTA 5. There’s a mod that transforms your character into Lemmy, wearing his classic black outfit and riding a Hexer motorcycle. GTA 5 is a fun game to play at the best of times, but it’s all the more enjoyable when you’re playing as rock and roll royalty. 

Go Have Fun

Finally, you can honour Lemmy by simply having fun. You only get one life on this planet, and when it’s all over, you’ll hope that you can say you had a great time! 

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