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Single Review: Enslaved – Congelia

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Enslaved are preparing to release their 16th studio album ‘Heimdal’ in March 2023 via Nuclear Blast.

In their previous years, the Norwegian group is known through their earlier traditional black metal. Throughout their vast years together, their sound structure has changed to a more extreme metal.

Norse mythology has been their umbilical cord to the realms of mysticism and philosophy, their gateway to the domains of deep psychology and the esoteric worlds beyond.

The most fascinating character in their mythology is Heimdal. His first appearance was in 1992 on their demo tape ‘Yggdrasill’, track ‘Heimdallr’. Enslaved have decided to dedicate this entire album to Heimdal.

‘Congelia’ is the tease single that’s been released alongside a video which is enthralling to watch. It’s certainly a perfect fitting for the track.

Plummeting bass drums and crashing symbols are sitting behind guitars and it all feels a bit ery especially when the vocals come into play. The atmosphere builds and builds and an onslaught of metal continuously belts you all over the place. The vocals are dark and twisted and the cleans wave through, adding another perspective into the mix.

It’s a fine piece of art, it’s Enslaved through and through.

Enslaved are:
Ivar Bjørnson | guitars 
Grutle Kjellson | vocals
Arve ‘Ice Dale’ Isdal | guitar
Håkon Vinje | keyboards, clean vocals
Iver Sandøy | drums

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