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Album Review: JOANovARC – ‘Invisible Enemy

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Review by Paul Monkhouse for MPM

JOANovARC have long held massive promise, their hard work, raft of killer songs and constant touring having seen them win the hearts of minds of many, yet the success they truly deserve seemingly just out of reach.

Things change though and new album ‘Invisible Enemy’ is something that should hopefully see them get their get the recognition that they’re due and push them firmly into the upper leagues.

Laden with big hooks and attitude, ‘Silver Sun’ is a crunching start, the hammerpunch fretwork of Shelley Walker and sweet vocals of Laura Ozholl creating a great contrast and tension in their sound.

Add to this the Muse-like bass runs of Keira Kenworthy and grooving drums of Ellie Daymond and you have an opener that does exactly what it should do, draws you in and the title track brings a big and heavy Iron Maiden feel to the riffing that’s full of adrenaline, Walker excellent on lead vocals. It’s a breathless start.

Things slow down a little with the gloriously menacing ‘Guilty’ and ‘Mister Mister’ has touches of Evanescence’s ‘Hear My Voice’ but dialling down the drama, the following ‘6FD’ spiky and full of venom. JoA can do lighter too, ‘Here I Go’ a charging pop rocker with lush vocals and ‘Day By Day’ is a gently swaying and emotive number that borders on pop but is none the worse for that.

Isolation’ shows their grasp of dynamics too, a barely controlled power that threatens to break out of the speakers and wreck your house.

The key here though is the quality of the songs and the band have certainly honed their skills to a razor edge, melodies soar, guitars rage, rhythms groove and this all speaks of a quality and class that has been hard won.

Big ballad ‘Rain On Mondays’ has some nice Beatles style touches and ‘Flying Free’ and ‘Nothing Left to Say’ are stadium filling widescreen rockers that act as a dynamic one two punch to close the album.

A lot has happened to the band in the past year or so but their spirit and desire to fight to stay alive despite all life can through at them speaks of the warrior soul they’re named after.

Sneaking it in just in time, invisible Enemy’ might be one of the best rock albums released this year and certainly fulfils their promise emphatically.

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