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Kiss – Cold Gin, Navy Strength

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Yes, it is another Kiss side project and yes, it is one hell of a package and an excellent Gin to boot.

Nowadays we in the music press get less and less physical copies of anything as it is all streams or downloads but occasionally, we get a lovely surprise and let’s face it when a Scotsman has free alcohol coming through the door it is a good day.

First thing first, what the hell is Navy Strength? Well, I will tell you. This dates back to the 18th Century when a ship stored its gin next to Gunpowder but due to possible spillages it had to be a very high proof(57% alc/vol) so even if a barrel did split and leaked into the gunpowder it would still explode.

So I have a 57% proof bottle of Gin sitting before me and as readily as I wanted to taste it I thought I would review the packaging first and foremost.

As with all Kiss merchandise this looks stunning. A clear bottle to show off the purity and then it is onto the labels and a trip down some Kisstory. The label is silver and gold with New York landscapes and all band members are on the side of the bottle metallically illustrated on each side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Behind the main disc there is an art deco take on the scales from Gene’s boots. The whole package looks incredible and should be in every fans collection. I suppose most would not even open the bottle but due to having to review this it is only proper I pop the cork and dive in.

The first thing you will notice on opening the bottle is the aroma, The juniper is there obviously but it has a hint of Citrus and a crisp, spicy smell. Another positive is that this is artificial free with no flavours or sweetners added and you can tell by that first dram. It is beautifully smooth and the lemon mixed with the spices is both refreshing and very(too) palpable.

Kiss, Cold Gin, Navy Strength is an excellent addition to the Kiss spirit range. Not only will fans need it for their collection the genuine Gin drinker will love it. It is now available in the UK, mainland Europe, Sweden, The Nordics and of course the USA and if you are booked for the Kiss Cruise it will be the goto tipple.

Now you people get out there and purchase a bottle or three and excuse me whilst I lock the doors, dig out my Kiss Alive vinyl and sit back and relax with this baby.

Review by Ritchie Birnie for MPM


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