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Gig Review : Trivium & Malevolence Belfast Ulster Hall

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Review by Damien Doherty for MPM

A packed Ulster Hall welcomes the return of Trivium to Belfast for the first time since 2017. The Florida metal legends have been teasing us on social media with wildly different setlists from the previous 2 nights in Dublin so no one knows quite what to expect tonight.

Iron Maidens Run To The Hills announces the imminent arrival of the band to the stage and provides a vocal warm up for the assembled audience. The haunting sounds of The End of Everything teases out the first song, the curtain drops and of course it’s Rain.

Support act Malevolence have already whipped the crowd into a frenzy and immediately a massive circle pit erupts.

It catches me by surprise and I’m knocked on my ass, but I’m picked up and dusted down straight away by my fellow metalheads! This song and Belfast have a history, and Matt Heafy reminisces about shooting the video at the Spring and Airbrake venue.

Reminding everyone that the crowd that night broke the security barrier during the first song, Matt sets out expectations of similar energy from the throng tonight. It’s not difficult to fulfill his wishes, the bands energy reflecting that of the masses.

Another massive tune from the Ascendancy album follows, Like Light to the Flies, the pit showing no sign of abating. Then on to my personal favourite, it hasn’t turned up yet on the tour so I’m beyond excited when the intro to Throes of Perdition hits, my neck muscles getting an early workout.

A strong start from the four piece. Looking around several security personnel have now taken up position on the fringes of the unrelenting pit.

Like a Sword Over Damocles is up next from the latest album, 2021s In the Court of the Dragon, which I feel is a return to the bands earlier sound. Beyond Oblivion and Amongst the Shadows and the Stones follow, Matt is utilizing all the microphone positions on the stage tonight and pulling tongue out faces between vocals.

Going back a few tears again we have A Skyline’s Severance and The Deceived before we are treated to the live debut of The Revanchist from The Sin and the Sentence album. Matt, Corey and Paolo in perfect vocal harmony tonight.

The backing track of IX announces the arrival of What the Dead Men Say, furious drumming from Alex Bent while making it all look so easy. People are still moving into and out of the pit like tag team wrestlers and To The Rats tests their stamina.

The Heart from Your Hate provides a (slight) respite, then the epic 10+ minute Shogun, one of the songs that has made it to each of the setlists, knocks it out of the park.

This band is on fire and note perfect, a well-oiled machine just three nights into the tour.

If the set started strong, it ends in the same manner. Penultimate song is In Waves with its guttural chant and the night ends with Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr.

The unmistakable drum intro, unrelenting growled vocals, and dueling solos from Matt and Corey is a fitting conclusion to the night.

My voice is shot, and I don’t have to do it all again for another 4 nights! As we leave the venue no one is feeling shortchanged, a tremendously enjoyable gig, the view of the pit from the balcony must have been awesome. And Trivium have declared their love of Belfast, so fingers crossed a return to these shores soon is inevitable.

Photography by MPM

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