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EP Review : King 810 – “K5: follow my tears”

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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

Whatever you may think, Mitchigan’s unique answer to Metal have the word texture down to a note.

When King 810 exploded into our systems outta nowhere in 2014 with their first album release Memoirs of a Murderer, we were given the opportunity to experience metal in a slightly different taste.

Controversial or not, these guys have always made a stand for the greater good of the community that they come from, albeit through their music of flashing insights into the depths of life growing up in their part of the world, the very real and rough no BS way of life through streets of poverty and crime culture… and having donated proceeds of their success to support that local community.

To me, that speaks for itself. There are not as many bands out there that can use their position to inject that sort of support into a wider circle and whatever you interpret King 810’s contribution of their art to be, there is no denying the impact that these guys have made.

Personally, I have loved King 810 for many years. I saw them play at The Asylum in Birmingham years back, when I was on the team for a band back then called Courtesans who were support for that show. The energy that disintegrated that stage was phenomenal and so fast forward to 2023, through a few more album releases, I am pleased to see that energy continues and though has certainly evolved, it luminesces through humble new EP Follow My Tears.

Brains on The Asphalt is the first track and displays a somewhat evolved tremor of King 810’s sound.

Although brutal, there are displays of a more melodic side to the urban elements that have always surrounded these guys.

The guitars are heavy and powerful, blending with elements of deathcore and nu metal – Eugene has always been diverse in his delivery of skills throughout King 810 and this track highlights the beautiful tempo thrashes of his frets.

David Gunn’s vocals are devastating and dare I say – have significantly matured throughout this whole release… His range flirts between sickening hardcore wails and growls and modern rap. There is a moment where we are taken through an almost melancholic pathway into Follow My Tears and injects a shift in level of mood on Brains. Instead of just pure anger, there are different spectrums of feelings in the beautiful delivery of this track.

It’s an extremely deep track, going back to the urburn conflict on the streets growing up and living around, seeing, experiencing that conflict and violence that impacts everyday life.

Holy War is where the drums shine for me. The drums incite furious breakdowns from the start and tempo changes that lead the track into its nightmarish vision. 

The subtle synths running underneath the blasting beats offer a dangerous bend in moods throughout the whole song, which only provides Gunn’s vocals with more ammunition at the forefront alongside the pummelling filthy riffs and backing vocals from Eugene.

Holy War is a track full of pure ferocity and energy huge enough to kick you right into the ether. The vocals here are more guttural in places and are guided by those punching beats from the kit.

Never expecting a synth like gentle start from King 810 but… here we are with love-hate immersing track Isobel

Gunn reverts back to vocals similar to those displayed on earlier releases and while it spreads a layer of nostalgia for King 810 fans, there’s a wonderfully mature ring to his tone.

This track cuts deep. David Gunn refers openly to a feminine presence in his life and the battles with heartache and sorrow… yet, through the lyrics, this can be left open to interpretation to something else. I have always found Gunn to be an extremely clever lyricist, which in itself demands to be paid attention to… the guy pen’s down his expressions and emotions and reverts them into an energy so huge, often with an element of surprise or false sense of security.

Say Cheese and Die – maybe not a reference to R.L.Stine’s Goosebumps however… the monstrous tones running through this track with modern twists is stunning. It’s one of the catchier tracks on Follow My Tears and displays a punchy edge to it.

Still heavy, though elements of uplifting effects clouds around it before we’re taken into EVIL sounding last offering of the EP… Widdershins.

Widdershins is a fast, brutal forget me not to finish Follow My Tears with ever changing direction of riffs and slams and Drums offering pummelling blows to bestow maximum effect. One of the diverse tracks on the EP, we’re taken down a brutal rabbit hole with more tech death elements than anything else here. 

The vibe is a pure inferno ending a short and sweet reminder that King 810 are still very much here.

With Gunn telling us that there’s a vault of up to about 50 songs he’s penned, I’m looking forward to a follow up.

Follow My Tears displays such power. The maturity and diversity of King 810 is more than apparent – and with incorporations of different visions in their sound, this new offering is an immersive advance into the stories that these guys have to tell.



David Gunn – lead vocals

Eugene Gill – bass, backing vocals, guitars, drums


▶ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4LBpv...

▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/king810flint

▶ Instagram: http://instagram.com/king810flint

▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/king810flint

▶ Tours: https://king810.com/pages/tour-dates

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