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Album Review : Suicide Silence – Remember… You Must Die

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Review by Sheri Bicheno for MPM

For me, when the word ‘Deathcore’ gets brought to the surface, one of the first O.G’s that come to mind were introduced to me as a youngun in the early 2000’s… Californian Titans Suicide Silence.

Back then, that particular genre was something I was just dipping my toes into and it took me some time to absorb what these guys were doing. 

Of course, fast forward to now and the 7th album Remember… You Must Die lands in my emails and being the avid Deathcore lover that I am, this is quite something…

First taste of the album Remember… isn’t what you would expect. A galactic, ambient and word spoken intro that flirts with edges of riffs incoming until a purposeful You Must Die thrusts us straight into the epitome of brutal beats.

Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida’s powerful gutturals drive this track. The grinding riffs aren’t overpowering and run alongside the immense skills of Ernie Iniguez showcasing the album’s blast beat artistry and ability to crash and shimmer through twists and changes of tempos and filthy breakdowns to deliver maximum effect face melting.

We’re here for a good time…

I love how, aside from the bloodcurdling vocals that starts off Capable of Violence (N.F.W), this track starts not just epically fast and brutal, but we have some huge riffs that Mark Heylum and Chris Garza deliver running beneath each other – and they work together in a way where we start off with different tempos of textured riffs and a consistent chuggy riff storming it’s way through the track, combining together that pulls you in different directions – here, is where you hear different notes to give you a different level of mood before the track blends into a leviathan of chuggy riffs and bass infused deliverance of boulders smashing into you.

This is a pit track by far.

Fucked For Life gives us a different take on Eddie’s vocals… this blend of hardcore-esque vocals strike out amongst a beautiful and almost atmospheric chuggy brutal riff from Mark.

For those of you that follow me, you all know how huge a fan I am of atmospheric and melodic elements in metal. Though please let’s be clear – this track has bass work from Dan Kenny that underlines those beautifully dark moments with deep tones and depth that provides the backbone to it, especially amongst the latter part.

The latter part is pure filth.

Ernie’s destructive blast beats absolutely submerge this track into depths of intensity with the thrashing riffs and bass. The sleepy melodic side re-enters for measure before a chuggy wind down concludes the track.

Kill Forever comes crashing through next – Eddie’s vocals take on a whole other range to this next track. We’re given higher, shrill, bone breaking roars with some deep and granite breaking low gutterals to boot.

Ernie’s double pedals are on fire for this track, the amount of tempo changes and speeds that encapsulate Kill Forever through the drums alone are insane.

Much can be said for next immersive track God Be Damned – the tirade of blast beats entwine with touches of gentle cymbals and footwork driving the high hats of the kit that takes this song into a hurling direction of both aggressive but powerful moods.

Mark and Chris’s strings again work together in this track, providing the crunching power riffs and chuggy rhythms to keep momentum with the drums. We’re taken through a truly stunning atmospheric melody through the second half of this song, that laces through the depth of power on the Dan’s bass. It’s a gorgeous break from the aggressive notes but heightens the emotions felt through them before the path leads to a slower but completely brutal tone on Alter of Self.

This track is by far one of my favourites on Remember… You Must Die. I love the depth of vocals that Eddie delivers. This is one of the slower tracks of the album but none the less heavy and brutal. Eddie’s vocals reflect this with the steady (but still speedful) rhythm of Ernie’s footwork. His growls are cleaner to begin with and unravel into a plethora of brutal pipes throughout the song as the steady higher beats of the kit work alongside the marching riffs in addition to Eddie’s pace. We’re taken through a maddening slide of strings with the insanely low and crunching riffs towards the end of the track with some underlining of blast beats and highlighting of Eddie’s gutturals.

Endless Dark is a huge contrast to the previous song. And my favourite on the album… It’s a whirlwind of complete intensity. Some sexy fret work amongst the devastating riffs seep through frankly, some of the best and spectacular kit work that is wielded by Ernie. The deathcore element of Suicide Silence is right here staring you intensely in the face. Eddie doesn’t hold back on his range of vocals on this track. We’re given different tones of high-pitched wails and devastating growls to relay his message and emotions. This paired with the insane melody and deep bass to hold up the speed bullet of riffs to run through the track with the pace of the drums just leaves me annihilated after absorbing this track. Absolute mashed potato.

Our first BLEGH! of Remember…You Must Die (as it is written) shoots in to accompany the filthy breakdown intro of The Third Death. Echoing vocals creates a certain ambience with the incoming death march of riffs and intense tempo changes of the kit. This is another track where Eddie displays his range of burning intense vocals. Mark teases a scratching riff to the mix to create an anticipation for Chris to gloss on a winding melody and then a beautiful but brief power solo kicks us into touch so that Dan induces the depth of bassy tones with the next breakneck breakdowns before the winding intro and high gutturals of assaulting Be Deceived.

This track is a stop-start of tempos and bassy ranges. I feel that Dan really takes the lead on this track. His bass commands the tempo and paces of the song that twists and turns into blends of beating evil paces and crunching deep bass to coincide with Ernie’s double pedals.

Next track Dying Life is nothing short of bludgeoning. Though there are elements of this song that really give me a Cannibal Corpse edge, this is undeniably the black magic of Suicide Silence making their next chapter from 2020 one to remember.

The immersive mood of Dying Life is devastating. The riffs are full of dangerous power and change up the pathways of atmosphere, twists and turns that take your head to so many levels of heights and lows, you have no clue where you’re going. Always the false sense of security in this track until it starts slowing into a heavy slabbing of pure breakdowns and chaotic vocals.

Last offering Full Void introduces us to the most beautiful dark solo melody that stands out from the rest of the album, eventually flowing into a tide of wonderfully submerging riffs and astounding kit work that delivers full impact.

The guitar work is gorgeous on this track. We have a range of chugging rhythms and stunning mesmerising solos working together to create a hypnotic but brutal mesh of moods that fades into a tech infused eerie spoken word piece for the outro of the album and leaves some form of…suspense?

Fans of Suicide Silence will be pleased to know that Remember…You Must Die is a solid follow up from Become The Hunter with more roots of their Deathcore elements running through it. A huge amount of diversity within it and I think, one that will make my AOTY.

Watch Dying Life here:

Suicide Silence are:
Chris Garza – Rhythm Guitar
Mark Heylmun – Lead Guitar
Dan Kenny – Bass
Hernan “Eddie” Hermida – Vocals
Ernie Iniguez – Drums

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