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EP Review : American Jetset : Love Kills

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Review by Rob Broom for MPM

Quality trashy sleazy rock across three songs and one song of sheer essential musical brilliance.

American Jetset hail from the USA. New to my ears this EP drips with the kind of sleazy trashy rock and roll that I love. It also contains a song which could be my choice for song of the year so read on.

Opening cut ‘Black Hearts and Bloody Bruises’ sets the tone with a challenging howl and off we go. Sounding like a brand new modern New York Dolls mixed with Motley Crue the song is a stomping anthem. The vocals are very distinct and characterful.

Motley Crue and Ratt like riffs open ‘Kill Thrill City’ before the song meanders between trashy rock and pure conventional rock. It’s gritty and like the rest of the EP has a memorable tune and lyric as the band rock along.

‘Final Girls’ is an uptempo drooling piece of catchy punky sleazy rock. Mixing between the 69 Eyes and Graves fronted era Misfits its great fun, keeping the rocking pace pumping along.

Finally we have the moment of sheer brilliance and it is a complete switch from the previous three cuts. ‘Long Road to Nowhere’ is a melancholy lament to a love lost. Piano and drums played with brushes open proceeding and are joined with a mournful sax that wouldn’t be out of place on Lou Reeds Transformer album.

But it’s more than that, the vocals dig under your skin and you can feel the despair and sense of loss. The guitar solo when it arrives is a classic that needs a video so the guitar player can stand alone on top of a hill or tower or ship, back arched and we can raise our arms in the air and celebrate.

Repeated plays of this EP and particularly ‘Long Road to Nowhere’ do nothing to reduce my enthusiasm and one of my teenage children enjoyed it as well so it’s hitting all the right spots!
So in conclusion check out American Jetset now.

IT’S TIME, MONSTERS. LOVE KILLS is now in stores. TURN IT THE F#@K UP!!! Get/stream @ https://ffm.to/lovekills

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